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THE POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJOR AND CAREERS IN THE LAW Kim Quaile Hill, Ph.D. Cullen-McFadden Professor of Political Science Texas A&M University

Legal Secretary (Medical)
CAREERS Revision Date: 7/9/2012 JOB TITLE: FLSA: Legal Secretary Non-Exempt DEPARTMENT: REPORTS TO: Medical Attorney

What To Do With A Law Degree – Southern Illinois University …
What to do with a Law Degree Traditional Legal Careers Approximately 91% of law school graduates who secure employment after graduation obtain a

Careers Outside Legal Practice
SEE SAMPLE RESUMES FOR CAREERS OUTSIDE LEGAL PRACTICE (next page) 7 . The following is a sample chronological resume for a recent grad searching for a human resources position, legal affairs job, or a position that deals with immigration and employment issues.

Introduction To Legal Careers 2009 – University Of Southampton
What do they do? Barristers Appear in court to represent others Give specialised legal advice in person or in writing Draft court documents Majority are self-

It extremely difficult to get hired in a legal position later in their careers. While many attorneys who leave the law are glad to be free of it, a substantial number of them miss having peers who share a legal perspective. Pursuing a non-legal

The Law Firms Working Group
To describing different types of legal careers, including ones in government, academia, private practice, corporate, and legal aid. However, his chapter on “other careers” only addresses a few options, and does not contain information on how to obtain jobs in those

Legal Analyst Bulletin – Open – Statewide – Careers
legal analyst open – statewide continuous testing california state government · an equal employment opportunity employer to all regardless of race, color, creed national origin,

Legal Careers Of Social Conflicts
Legal careers: bills moved and cases filed and length of proceedings (not outcomes) Extralegal careers: Violence and protests Accommodating nature of outcome in a prior instance + existence of legal category Allocation of resources by organizers to each trajectory

Breaking Away From The Norm—Nontraditional And Non–Legal
Breaking Away from the Norm—Nontraditional and Non–Legal Careers IT’S HOW ATTORNEYS GET JOBS www.legalauthority.com continued on back Although definitions may vary, a traditional law career is generally defined as one that requires as

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Attorney Jobs also includes JD Preferred – Alternative Legal Careers for Lawyers, which is a useful resource for any student considering non-traditional legal careers. Students will also find a number of helpful pages on the site including resume and interviewing