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Rewarding careers in the legal industry as paralegal professionals working under the direct supervision of lawyers in the public and private sector. Peirce College strives to prepare students with an understanding of the substantive knowledge and

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Ramapo College of New Jersey Cahill Career Development Center Paralegal Careers Paralegals are trained to assist attorneys in all aspects of legal practice.

DELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. JOB OPENING. Opening Date: January 29, 2013 Closing Date: February 7, 2013. PARALEGAL. Criminal Division, Felony Trial Unit in Sussex County

Them pursue careers in a variety of entry-level paralegal and legal assistant positions. Some of the Courses in the Program: • Introduction to Paralegal • Research and Writing for the Paralegal I and II • Law Office Technology

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Potential CareersParalegal/Legal Assistant Earnings For salary and wage information, visit: www.floridawages.com Paralegal Studies Articulated A.S. to B.A./B.S. Career Path (Approved by the American Bar Association) Set Yourself Up for a Great Career

Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies . Associate of Applied Science Degree . Program Overview: The goal of the Paralegal studies program is to provide a general education with emphasis on

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Careers in this field Legal Assistant Legal Secretary Paralegal ParaleGal stUdies sChOOl Of PUBliC and sOCial serViCes If you like writing, research, and problem-solving, you’ll love a career as a

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Prepare students for careers as paralegals working under the supervision of lawyers in the public and private sectors, including private Paralegal Studies, Associate of Applied Science Degree Award Year: 2011- 2012 OPEID #: 004568 CIP CODE: 22.0302

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Law Briefing The Careers Service. Working as a paralegal . The paralegal profession has doubled in size over recent years and is set to further expand as

CAREERS JOB TITLE: FLSA: Medical Paralegal Non-Exempt DEPARTMENT: REPORTS TO: Catastrophic Injury Attorney