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The First Step in Your Job Search. General Nontraditional Legal Career Categories. Specific Nontraditional Legal Career List. list of alternative legal jobs. Use it as a reference that may spark your interest in another field.

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An alternative career can be the correct choice for many law students and graduates. The choice to enroll in law school does not mean that you have to be a lawyer. months later than a legal job search. When sending cold letters to major companies, do not send

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On taking risks in your alternative career search Marquitz entered law school thinking an alternative legal career might be right for her. Here, she talks about her first steps in the job search process and things that have surprised her along the way.

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Handout will help you get started in determining if an alternative legal career is right for you. It is no substitute, however, In every aspect of your job search – conversations, letters, resumes – explain why what you’ve got that is relevant to them.

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Alternative Career Paths for Lawyers Once you decide to pursue a non-legal career, you will probably need to consider and address the following: Online Job Search Sites:

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Alternative Legal Careers . Not sure that a law firm position is really for you? Law degrees open doors to many different Discusses career assessment and effective career search strategies. Also covers resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

The area of alternative legal careers. further assistance with your job search, please contact the Career Development Office (“CDO”). interest to the alternative career seeker are descriptions of major industries and compensation data for hundreds of .

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Alternative Careers Alternative Careers For Lawyers JD Preferred!: Legal Career Alternatives, Directing Your Legal Career Search Perfect Legal Job Search, The Perfect Legal Resume, The Please Understand Me – Character & Temperament Types

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Bbnxcv What does the term “alternative” mean when applied to the job search for people who have earned their JD? The word “alternative” is used when you have a JD and are seeking a job which would be

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Here are some of the skills that may be utilised and further developed by an alternative career. Legal research Drafting documents Written skills Advocacy/negotiation on behalf of a client the search for a training contract or pupillage.