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ALTERNATIVE CAREERS FOR JDs (Adapted from a presentation by the Career Development Office at Creighton University School of Law categories of non-traditional legal careers, such as careers in business, government, consulting, academia

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Salaries for both legal and alternative careers are widely divergent. A joint JD/MBA may earn more than the average legal salary by working as an investment banker; however, a person pursuing a career as a writer may not see immediate benefits.

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Within alternative legal careers. A. Sources Relating to Alternative Job Options (Anecdotal / “How-To” Type Sources) The sources listed below fall into the category of advice books that inform people – on an

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However, for many alternative careers, you may quickly discover that the compensation is much less you would earn in a legal career, and that you will need to Marquitz entered law school thinking an alternative legal career might be right for her. Here, she talks

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LIBRARIES AND LEGAL RESEARCH 50 MICHIGAN BAR JOURNAL ♦ MARCH 2004 LIBRARIES AND LEGAL RESEARCH ccasionally, lawyers find them-selves at a crossroads in their

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Alternative Careers in Law..6" 1. Qualified Tax Consultants Legal Executives / Paralegals..8" 5. Insurance

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Alternative Legal Careers: What else can you do with your J.D.? These examples just begin to show the breadth of choices available for lawyers who no longer want to practice law. There are a number of books on the subject that you can find in most book stores.

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Alternative Careers for Lawyers: Web Sites of Interest Prepared by NALP Alternative Careers Committee, Fall 2003 — Updated 2008 Alternative Legal Careers for Lawyers, which is a useful resource for any student considering non-traditional legal careers.

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97 APPENDIX III 600+ Things You Can Do with A Law Degree (Other Than Practice Law) Alternative legal careers are rapidly growing in popularity.

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1 (Revised 11/2010) Alternative Legal Careers . Not sure that a law firm position is really for you? Law degrees open doors to many different careers.