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• One Area of Antitrust Law Has Criminal Penalties • Cost Cutting Measures Reduce Compliance Training

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Competition/Antitrust Law – Luthra & Luthra
Competition/Antitrust Law In 2003, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices (the Firm) took a lead in setting up a dedicated Competition Programmes and imparting training and awareness sessions for several entities across industry groups. The

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Antitrust Law For Insurance Companies’ ELearning Programs
FEATURES The responsible handling of the legal framework conditions in relation to financial conduct is an important subject. In the area of antitrust law,

The training explains the antitrust rules and requirements and further company accused of violating antitrust law may raise the program as a defense to such charges, arguing that any actions were by a rogue employee acting in violation of

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Antitrust Law training Subcontract Act training Compliance training Training prior to overseas transfer Operating officers or above Newly assigned managers and leaders Employees promoted to each job grade New employees Sales, purchasing, R&D and other sections

Antitrust & Trade
Basic antitrust law, awareness training includes brainstorming with employees to better understand the company’s competitive landscape and identify company exposure to anticompetitive practices by industry participants. For example, if the company’s

Antitrust Enforcement In The Obama Era
Any risks from non-compliance with antitrust law? Annual antitrust training for the association’s Board Annual antitrust training for the association’s employees and staff Review and approval for all final agendas and materials

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And extract international variables that cloud the message.7 The problem is that antitrust law in itself is an international variable that can be entirely confusing for American corporations should solicit local employees to assist in training their office’s employees.