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Seattle, WA 98101. Tel:206.267.7100. fax: 206.267.7099. CITY_____ STATE_____ ZIP +4 _____ EMPLOYER PHONE NUMBER __ Copy of last year’s KCBA Legal Assistant registration card __ Pay a registration fee of $35.00.

Frequently perform legal services that make this City a better place and realize enormous satisfaction for themselves in the process. To cite just a few examples, assistant corporation counsels helped save Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Oct. 26, 2011, 8:15
Thomas Carr is a Seattle city attorney. Carr was an assistant U.S. attorney in New York City and advised government agencies on a wide range of public safety issues. the board of Legal Services for the Homeless and a volunteer at a homeless shelter.

City of Seattle . Public Safety Civil Service Commission. Gary Keese, Assistant City AttorneyAlex J. Higgins, Attorney. Chris Matthews, Commissioner . Pro Tem. Amy Lowen, Assistant City Attorney. Renni Bispham, SPD legal counsel. 2.

City Of Bainbridge Island, WA (pop. Approx. 22,000) – City
Bainbridge Island is located 35 minutes west of Seattle by ferry. The City has 135 fulltime employees and a $33.4 million position, the City Attorney functions as the City's chief legal counsel. Reporting to the or Assistant City Attorney, or any equivalent combination of

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL HOUSING, HUMAN SERVICES, HEALTH, Sally Bagshaw, Vice-Chair Newell Aldrich, Legislative Assistant Bruce Harrell, Member Frank Video, Legislative Assistant Tom Rasmussen, Alternate ensure that the Commission's on-going operations are consistent with all legal

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR insula. Bremerton is one of downtown Seattle’s closest neighborhoods, only an hour away by the auto ferry. The City of Bremerton is staffed by employees with a determines which legal and regulatory procedures apply;
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City of Seattle, 112 Wn.2d 794, 774 P.2d 1158 (1989). While these are important cases in the jurisprudence of Washington land use law, neither case is remotely applicable here. In –Erin Knobler, Legal Assistant
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Is it legal to require Seattle employers to provide sick leave to their employees? As the eight employment attorneys work with assistant city attorneys and aided by a full-time paralegal. The City Council approved the hiring

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Speaker: Jan Jutte, Director of Legal Affairs, Office of the State Auditor 3:00 – 3:15 p.m Panel Speakers: Jennifer Johnson Grant, Seattle Law Department; Dr. Robert Powers, Lead Speaker: Sandy Mullins, Acting Assistant Secretary, Washington State Department of

FROM: Nancy Krier, Assistant Attorney General SUBJECT: designed to provide legal advice or to replace legal advice provided by attorneys advising local City of Seattle v. State, 100 Wn.2d 232, 668 P.2d 1266 (1983), held