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ABA Model Guidelines
NALA, “Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc.” (adopted 1975, revised 1979, 1988 and “legal assistant” are sometimes coupled with a descriptor of the paralegal’s status, e.g.,

LAFAYETTE PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION CODE OF ETHICS It is the responsibility of every legal assistant to adhere to the accepted standards of legal ethics and to live by general principles of proper conduct.

Ontario Dental Assistants Association
Code of Ethics Dental Assistants The paramount responsibility of a certified dental assistant is to the health and well-being of the patient. Certified dental assistants shall uphold all legal obligations associated with their profession. Author: lthistle

Code of Ethics For Faculty And Staff
Code of Ethics for Faculty and Staff. Special Assistant to the President / EEO/Ombudsman . The faculty or staff member accused and found to have violated the Code of Ethics may be represented by legal counsel at their own expense at this hearing.

NALA Code of Ethics
Each NALA member agrees to follow the canons of the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Violations of the Code may result in cancellation of In 2001, NALA members also adopted the ABA definition of a legal assistant/paralegal, as follows:

Guidelines For Ethical Conduct For The Physician Assistant
Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the Physician Assistant Profession (Adopted 2000, amended 2004, 2006, 2007, The physician assistant profession has revised its code of ethics several times since the . PAs should seek legal counsel when they are concerned about the

NALA Code of Ethics And Professional Responsibility
NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility A legal assistant or paralegal is a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity who

CODE OF ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL ASSISTANTS, INC. (adopted by Kansas Association of Legal Assistants) — A legal assistant may perform any task which is properly delegated and supervised by an attorney,

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The physician assistant profession has revised its code of ethics several times since the profession began. and legal obligations. a hospital ethics committee, an ethicist, trusted colleagues,

Code of Ethics For The Physical Therapist – APTA
No code of ethics is exhaustive nor can it address every situation. Physical therapists are encouraged to seek additional advice or consulta- legal and professional obligations. (Core Values: Professional Duty, Accountability) 5A.

Code: 1184 Title: LEGAL ASSISTANT
Code: 1184 Title: LEGAL ASSISTANT SUMMARY: Performs paraprofessional legal work assisting lawyers in case preparation and the coordination of case activities from initial assignments to their conclusion . . legal ethics. Skill in:

Dental Board Of California Registered Dental Assistant Law …
Registered Dental Assistant Law and Ethics Examination Outline June 2010 . 3. Ethical Principles 30% profession found in the American Dental Association Code of Ethics (ADA), the California Dental Association Code of

Legal And Ethical Issues In Medical Practice, Including HIPAA
A medical assistant is very busy on a Monday morning. You must also follow the AAMA Code of Ethics for medical Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Practice, Including HIPAA 57 assistants. It is an important part of your duties to help