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FLORENCE SCHOOL OF REGULATION Training of National Judges in EU Competition Law ***** CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Chapter 9 – Online Antitrust Compliance Training Programs: Fundamental Issues and Antitrust—Make that Competition Law —Compliance Program

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Competition Law Outside the U.S. (ABA) European Competition Laws: A Guide to the EC & Its Member States European Merger Control Laws Print only Restructuring a Business in Europe: Legal Questions in Europe. News & Business

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Training Course Library THOMSON REUTERS ACCELUS Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) • Competition Law (Europe) • Spirit of Compliance CMA (Middle East)-English – Arabic • Spirit of Compliance SAMA (Middle East)-English

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competition law training will also be provided. Of the 744 decisions subject to judicial review that the Board rendered from 1999 through 2004, 136 (or about 18%) have been appealed to the Council of State.

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A competition law training module has been constructed by our legal team and is accessible online by clicking here. All employees in competition sensitive positions are required to complete the training and all others are encouraged

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American College of Legal Medicine’s 2013 Student Writing Competition in Law, Medicine & Bioethics Grantor: American College of Legal Medicine Closes: Practitioners of the specialty have sufficient training, knowledge and A free online listing of announcements of funding sources

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Briefing/ focused training (as planned and based on special request) Antitrust Essentials (includes Policy statement, Guidelines, policies which may have competition law concerns • Policies related to pricing; the policy clearly states that