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The Training Contract and Pupillage Handbook has a statistical analysis of the legal jobs market, outlines of the Junior Law Division ( has useful information on finding a training contract plus

Contract Law For Construction Professionals
Hong Kong Legal Training Institute Contract Law for Construction Professionals Construction contracts are at the hearts construction projects. Yet, the guiding principles must be understood by engineers for their effective administration and management.

School Of Civil Engineering
Of contract law applied to every day for up to 10 days approved training at // 2. Select Conferences and Events in the left-hand navigation bar. 3. Select CPD Faculty of Engineering 4. Select the course(s) or event(s) for which you wish

Training Trainee Solicitors: Voluntary Code To Good Practice …
The Code has been drawn up to assist all concerned with the recruitment of law degree students and non-law degree students as trainee solicitors. 29/06/07 Page 1 of 3 For alternative formats email, make no further applications for a training contract.

Business Contract Law
Tel: 0845 130 5714 Business Contract Law Duration 1 day What is this course about? The course provides a full introduction and update on business contract law.

Training Contract Deadlines
Calendar of events Training Contract Deadlines April 2013 30 Hogan Lovells (non-law) June 2013 14 Bates Wells & Braithwaite

Applying For A Training Contract
2 Where to Start? Securing a training contract has never been a more competitive business. The latest figures from the Law Society show that in 2010-11 5, 441 training contracts were awarded; whereas

How To Find A Training Contract – Legal Recruitment, Legal …
It is very hard to change fields of law once qualified. Do you want to do non-contentious work (conveyancing, corporate finance, wills & probate, tax, energy,

Drafting Commercial Contracts
Tel: 0845 130 5714 Drafting Commercial Contracts Duration 1 day What is this course about? This course aims to give delegates a firm understanding of what is required to

Training Contracts – Some Practical Advice
Authority’s website at Offer and Acceptance of a Training Contract or training in different areas of law (k) hours of work and office hours (l) holiday entitlement (m) sickness benefit entitlement

Law CV Applying For Training Contract Example
Law Student CV applying for Training Contract/Law Vacation Placement David Williams 18 Carter Way, Southsea, Portsmouth PO1 2DD 02392 667894 or 07777 000 009

LEGAL Education In UK – British Council
This route is open to graduates from outside the UK and open to students with a foreign law degree. Indeed one of my former students, Yongmei Cai, is now working as begin with, the training contract contains further elements of formal training.

Training contract – Full Time
Training trainee solicitors Training contract – full time Education and Training Unit Version 2 The following contract is intended for use where trainee solicitors are employed by the