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Criminal Justice Degree & Certificate Option. 978-630-9284 (CSI); police dispatcher; court reporter; correction officer; juvenile probation officer; parole officer; youth service worker; Careers can include: municipal police officer; state trooper; campus police;

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Probation, parole, and other careers in the criminal justice system. It also provides a foundation Court Clerk . Court Reporter . Credit Investigator . Crime Reporter . Crime Scene Analyst . Criminology Assistant . Customs Officer . Demographer .

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Court Reporter _____ 42 Defense Attorney_____ 43 District/Prosecuting Attorney_____ 43 Judge when people think about criminal justice careers they often think of police.

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Court Administrator Court Reporter Careers in criminal justice and related fields. (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Learning. Title: Microsoft Word – Criminology & Criminal Justice Careers.doc Author: cpacs

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Criminal justice concerns public safety and law enforcement. Careers to Explore Corrections Officer . Parole Officer . Rehabilitation Counselor . Court Reporter Police Officer . Victims Advocate . Border Patrol Agent . Forensic Examiner Park Ranger . FBI Agent . Public Safety
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Court Clerk. Court Reporter Law Clerk. Legal Research. Paralegal. Victim Restitution Programs. Process Server. Sentencing Analyst. Courthouse Security. Judge. Magistrate. Attorney. CAREERS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Author: Default Last modified by: Linda Markowitz

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Court Reporting Criminal Justice Studies Police Science Corrections Legal Administrative Assistant • Training for many of the high-demand careers starts at a community A Court Reporter provides word-for-word reports for

Criminal Justice Administration Employment Sheriff's Deputy Private Security Court Reporter Law Clerk (or other CSU/UC Court Translator Criminal Justice Probation and Legal Careers School-to-Career Pathway . Title: VIDEO PRODUCTION Author: MetroED MetroED Created

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Law and Justice Careers Developed by Georgia CTAE Resource Network Adjudicator Administrative Law Judge Air Marshall Court Reporter Criminal Investigator Customs Officer Deputy Sheriff Director of Volunteers Dispatcher District Attorney

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Criminal Justice – General Criminal Justice? CAREER OPTIONS* Court Clerk Court Reporter Criminal Investigator Criminal Justice Administrator/Manager *Some of these careers will require additional education or work experience.

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careers in criminal justice at the Federal, state, and local levels. Probation/Parole Officer Court Reporter Private Investigator Forensic Scientist Security Guard Asset Protection Sample entry level jobs held by UW-Eau Claire