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Alternative legal careers–as experts in risk management, contract administration, investigation, and regulatory compliance. who handles many different types of legal matters from different practice areas. Many solo

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Careers in the Hospitality Industry Identify and explain different career types available in each segment of the industry (hotels, food service, travel or community planners for state park system. 01/28/99 6 These positions range from sales force staff to technicians to legal,

When police officers have the legal authority to arrest they usually orient their discretion in partitioning the respondents into different offender types (career offenders, non-career offenders, research on criminal careers generally,

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Careers in forensics: Analysis, evidence, and law I different legal issues. But one thing all forensic specialists have in common is that their work is connected to the law in some way. types of evidence to verify authenticity of documents.

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What Types of Jobs Are Available? job seekers that is different than the legal search, and may occur months later than a typical legal job search. Non-Legal Careers for Lawyers, Munneke, Gary & Henslee, William, KF 297.M862 2006

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legal careers through presentations, networking sessions and insightful group activities hosted by recent graduates, recruitment teams and senior Find out about different types of jobs: targetjobs.co.uk www.prospects.ac.uk www.careerplayer.com www.icould.com

What are the different types of public interest subject areas and practice settings? First, see Pace’s guide to Government and Legal Careers, here. Second, the best resource for government internship and honors programs is the Government Honors &

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The Careers Service practising different types of law. It's a good idea to do a few mini-pupillages in order possibilities for your legal training Keep a close eye on closing The Chambers & Partners Student Guide to aid your research