Empirical Legal Studies Program

Cornell Law Library 2003-2004 Annual Report – Highlights
The program included teaching legal research classes for several university classes, e.g., Regional Planning, • Journal of Empirical Legal Studies – new scholarly, peer-reviewed legal journal edited by members of the law faculty.

Ethical Issues In Empirical Studies Of Software Engineering *
These issues are illustrated with real empirical studies of software engineering. Index Terms – ethics, empirical studies, software engineering, legal issues 1 Introduction Dr. Jonas is a professor at a well-known university in the newly created software program, a manager asks to see Dr.

An empirical Study Of The European Corporate Leniency program
Leniency program Steffen Brenner on how efficient the legal system works, empirical studies on the efficiency of this policy instrument do not yet exist. In this paper, we examine the efficiency of the EU Leniency Program in the area

Do Defendants Pay What Juries Award? Post-Verdict Haircuts In …
(forthcoming, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies) University of Illinois, Law and Economics Research Paper No. LE06-xxx and the Jon David and Elizabeth Epstein Program in Health Law and Policy at the University of Illinois College of Law. 2.

Should Legal Empiricists Go Bayesian? – Home | Yale Law School
Be very useful in empirical legal studies. In particular, Bayesian ap- for generous financial support from the John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics at Stanford Law School. Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Evaluating Hypotheses 8

Summer School In Law & Economics 2013
Will read empirical studies of legal issues and will be furnished law-related data sets and access to statistical software. the Stata statistical program to analyze data. No prior courses in statistics or programming are required.

Do Race And Ethnicity Matter In Prosecution? PROSECUTION AND …
Vera’s Prosecution and Racial Justice Program (PRJ) rather than legal practitioners and lay audiences seeking to comprehend the aggregate effects of prosecutorial discretion examines 34 empirical studies on prosecution

Presented at the Seventh Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies at Stanford Law School, November 8, 2012. Proxy Access, Boston University Executive L.L.M. Program, July 25, 2011. The Fiduciary Duties of Public Pension Trustees,

[Journal of Legal Studies, vol. XXXI (January 2002)] empirical studies, could have considered additional control variables. We WT/DS046 June 13, 1996 Canada Brazil Export subsidies and financing program for aircraft Yes