Entry Level Legal Assistant

The duties of a legal assistant/paralegal include assisting the lawyer with research, brief preparation Potential entry-level job position titles include legal assistant and paralegal. PROGRAM CONTENT A minimum of 66.00 semester credit hours is required for graduation.

“I highly endorse the Legal Assistant training program at Elmira College. The program is well thought out and will provide the local legal community with very knowledgeable entry-level legal assistants. I especially like that the program focuses on career

Valerie Boston. 167 Dublin Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87102. 718-555-1788. valerieboston@yahoo.com. Objective: Seeking full-time/part-time employment within a firm where I can utilize my prior professional experience and background toward a entry-level position as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant.Experience:

LEGAL ASSISTANT – SOM – State Of Michigan
Legal Assistant P11 This is the experienced level. The employee, in a learning capacity, conducts a variety Legal Assistant-E LEGLASTE NERE-175 ECP Group 2 Revised 6/1/06 TeamLeaders . Title: Microsoft Word – LegalAssistant.doc Author:

Mission Statement
The mission of the Paralegal/Legal Assistant program is to prepare the student for an entry-level position as a paralegal/legal assistant in an attorney’s office, governmental agency, corporate office, or other legal entity.

PARALEGAL STUDIES – Certificate Of Proficiency
This curriculum prepares students for the position of paralegal/legal assistant. Students will study law and acquire practical legal skills that are necessary for entry-level employment in a law office.

Interns will be trained to perform the duties of a legal assistant/entry-level paralegal. GENERAL DUTIES Works independently with minimal supervision, performs administrative duties including creating

Market Range Detail – Legal Assistant – Maricopa County, Arizona
YTwo years of experience as a Legal Assistant or Paralegal or work involving legal procedures, terminology or administration Market Range Titles typically include positions ranging from entry level to senior/lead level unless indicated otherwise.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – Jackson Community College – Where …
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and legal and medical offices. Most work in comfortable office settings. Virtual assistants typically work from a home office. How to Become an Administrative Assistant Entry-level education High school diploma or equivalent

How Can I Find Entry-level Government Attorney Jobs – GW Law
How Can I Find Entry-Level Government Attorney Jobs? Some agencies do not post legal openings on USAJobs! 3.Search on USAJobs. 0998 – Claims Assistant and Examining 0996 – Claims Examining, Veterans 0991

Paralegal / Legal Assistant / On-line Certificate Program
Paralegal / Legal Assistant / Lawyer’s Assistant – Online Certificate Program The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh/Extension asks that you voluntarily This course presents an overview of entry-level paralegal research and writing tools.

Hiring A Legal Assistant
Hiring a Legal Assistant By Linda S. Jevahirian Hiring a legal assistant is a specialized task. It is not enough to be fam iliar with the basics of Entry level legal assistants can be recruited directly from legal assistant programs.

Contact Representatives (SR/TSR/TST/OA) (GS-962-5/6/7) Legal
Qualifications 1 Contact Representatives (SR/TSR/TST/OA) (GS-962-5/6/7) Legal Assistant (Senior Case Technician) (GS-986-5/6/7) Debtor Contact Representatives (GS-962-5/6)