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Legal Researcher Management or Program Analyst Policy Analyst Regulatory / Compliance Analyst Security Government Careers for Attorneys . public policy agencies, U.S. Embassies, policy think tanks, or through newspapers or political staffing agencies.

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Involves legal content whether it is in business or in the wider community. careers websites and in the graduate press. barrister find successful employment in the banking and finance sector. The following

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In addition to the many different types of law, there are also many nontraditional legal careers for which a law degree can be useful. This can include working for a non-profit organization or a non- may find it helpful to make an appointment with one of our career counsellors


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- The FindLaw Career Center is a recruiting web site that specializes in legal jobs. o – is a legal site focusing solely on jobs at the larger law firms across and hard-to-find resources. o Please contact the Career

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Legal services organizations provide direct legal services to indigent individuals and families in civil matters, students should do everything they can to find out the starting salaries in the careers they are interested in pursuing.

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Non-legal Jobs for Attorneys continued on back help you find exactly what you’re looking for. What else is out there? sample of what we’ve done for the careers of countless attorneys. We can

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You will find career tools there as well to help you identify careers that are right for you. Your school counselor may suggest careers a number of times throughout your lifetime. Second, keep in mind that career preparation begins now!