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“One of the fundamental principles of appropriations law is the so-called bona fide needs rule: A fiscal year appropriation may be obligated only to meet a legitimate, into by the RRB were for training needed in fiscal year 2000, and if the services were entire and not severable, the

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Attorneys of Contract & Fiscal Law Division (KFLD), who also assist PFB in processing fraud cases. A an employee training program that will cover the new code of ethics and business practices. (Ms. McCaffrey) (3) Bribery (Germany).

Fiscal Law Issues In Real Property Transactions
Fiscal Law Update PDI Service Day Rebecca and nonfederal participants such as contractors and host nation first responders at annual antiterrorism training exercises where necessary to achieve the objectives of the training exercise That it would be an “embarrassment” not to provide

Of training exercises, deployments, operating and maintaining installations, etc.; The fiscal law decisions of the Comptroller General appear in the Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States, published by the Government

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Children and Family Law Division Approved Seminars – Fiscal Year 2013 Updated 08/24/12 If you wish to request CAFL CLE credit for a training program that does not appear on this list, please fax or email

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What type of funds are used for the day-to-day expenses incurred during training exercises and deployments? Maintenance and Repair. Official Representation Funds (ORF) Fiscal Law Constraints. B, Ref: Fiscal Law Constraints. C, Ref: Type of Funding. D, Ref: Type of Funding. B, Ref: Type of

FISCAL YEAR: TRAINING DAYS Please note that reserve components are to report the number of days during the fiscal year for which a reservist/guardsman receives PENALTY: The law provides severe penalties which include fine, imprisonment,

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According to the Law, What Are Your Responsibilities as an AO/CO? as “personal financial liability for fiscal irregularities of Training for Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers (TAOCO) Guide Created Date:

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While we have some good training programs, the Department did Audit Readiness + Fiscal Law Course + Ethics Courses ** * 9 . At Least 8 Yrs FM Experience Required (2 years Must be DoD FM Experience) FM Certification Level 3 + + +