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The Role Of The U.S. Government Accountability Office
Operating principles and guidelines People and teams GAO facilitates an international auditor fellowship training program GAO participates in international peer reviews —committees responsible for “appropriations made by law" prior to the expenditure of any money from the Federal
DoD commanders, supervisors, and managers shall require key fund control personnel receive appropriations law training at least every three years, GAO Principles of Federal Appropriation Law (Redbook): Published by GAO,
Education/Training Required Fiscal Law (web or classroom-based) Highly Recommended DFM&CS EDFMTC officially entitled Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, Government Accountability Office Government Auditing Standards,

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act …
law found in GAO Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (Red Book), B-302760 (May 17, 2004). Subtitle B—Strengthening IT Acquisition Workforce . Sec. 311 → 411. Expansion of training and use of information technology acquisition cadres.

TITLE OF PRIMER (I – ACQWeb – Offices Of The Under Secretary …
(Authorization) – Congress authorizes purpose of appropriations. The purpose for which the funds may be used. All contractual actions must follow the guidelines and parameters set forth under this law. TRAINING RESOURCES. GAO Red Book – Principles of Federal Appropriations Law:

Audit Of The SEC Budget Execution Cycle – Securities And …
Purpose Statute under the GAO . Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (Red Book), Chapter 2.B.2.b, for instances in which multiple appropriations are Formal training can strengthen the analytical, planning, and implementation skills

Federal Grants Law
§GAO Principles of Appropriations §Chapter 10 of the Redbook on Financial Assistance §Time, Training Conference Service Block Open-Ended Entitlement Close-Ended. In accordance with Public Law 94-519, NASA will not

Directive: Relations With US Government Accountability Office
GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE I. Purpose Appropriations Act, 2008 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008 B. Title 31, United States Code, Sections 712, accordance with the Department’s obligations under the law. Where a GAO

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Government Accountability Office (GAO) updates, Comptroller General decisions, and Appropriations Law Principles, Appropriations Law Seminar, or equivalent federal appropriations law training three-to-five years

OMB Bulletin 02-06, Addendum 1–Apportionment Of The …
appropriations for the period October 1 through October 4. consistent with GAO’s description below (GAO, Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, p. 8-19): Labor Job training and retraining Labor Unemployment Insurance admin