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Hourly Rate of Pay: I will pay for overtime in accordance with legal requirements: 1 1/2 times the hourly rate for all hours in excess of 40 hours per week, William L. Silverberg Personal Assistant Agreement. BILL_S\PA_AGREE.DOC Ver.2: 01/99 Page 1. Title:

Standards For Court Approval Of Attorney Fee Petitions
hourly rate to be set by court rule. If an attorney believes that his or her The Court will not pay for secretarial services at the legal assistant rate . even if such services are performed by legal assistants. It is the

Attorney/Legal Assistant Hourly Rate—The attorney/legal assistant hourly rate is based on the attorney’s or legal assistant’s level of expertise and experience in a particular area. The hourly rate depends on which attorney or legal assistant is working on the case.

Defendants challenge the $90 hourly rate claimed for paralegal services as excessive. See Saunders Opp. at 4-5. This rate, however, falls within the Laffey ALLCASES PARALEGAL "LEGAL ASSISTANT" NON-LAWYER "LEGAL TECHNICIAN" "FORM PRACTITIONER"

PMRC Retainer Agreement (Criminal – Fixed Fee – Hourly)
Each attorney and legal assistant charges an hourly rate for his or her work. Work is billed in a minimum of six-minute increments. The hourly rates of the attorneys and legal assistants that may work on your matter are: [Choose one]

[AN120675 – NSW]
Based on relevant basic hourly rate : 20% . Classifications For detail of classification descriptions see the 26 March 2006 version of the award. Grade 1 Legal Clerical Assistant : Note: rates for juniors in the pre-reform award from which this pay scale summary is derived were

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Law 20 Legal Fees, Timekeeping, and Billing Objectives Differentiate between timekeeping and billing. Recognize major types of legal fee agreements.

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Other factors entered into the development of the legal assistant field, including the growing volume of work due to increased public awareness of legal hourly rate. NOTE: We do not recommend that paralegals offer their services directly to