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Managing Setbacks For The International Criminal Court In Africa
Rights Watch; Nehal Bhuta, assistant professor of international affairs, The New School; Rocio Digon, associate, International Criminal Court” (Addis Ababa, 8–9 June 2009): international legal obligations and sound policy.

Insurance, criminal, civil, corporate, or elder law. Legal Assistant Lobbyist Paralegal Personnel Relations Police Officer Court Administration Assistant Circuit/District Executive for Legal Affairs Bankruptcy Administrator

Position Paper An African Expert Study On The African Union …
International Criminal Court over nationals of non- assistant professor of international criminal law at the University of African Perspectives on the International Criminal Court, Ghana: Africa Legal Aid, 2005; and Sivu Maqungo, The

Complementary Jurisdiction And international criminal Justice
Of International Studies and Assistant at the Law Department of the University Internal legal systems usually possess 2 In furthering the definition of comple- international criminal court”.20 According to a number of States, the

Von Hebel, Herman (Netherlands) – ICC – CPI
Assistant Legal Adviser, Senior Legal Counsel International Criminal Court (1995-2000). In addition, at the Rome Conference (1998), serve as a Chair of the working group on the definition of war crimes and as a member of the Extended Bureau of

United Nations Diplomatic Conference Of Plenipotentiaries On …
On the Establishment of an International Criminal Court Rome, Italy 15 June – 17 July 1998 List of delegations Assistant Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maj. General Petrus Jacobus de Klerk, Chief Legal Adviser, Ministry of Defense

Richard, Mark M., Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, tradited to the international criminal court and that no legal as-sistance will be given to the court. Last this morning,

Fordham International Law Journal
International Criminal Court Margaret M. deGuzman * Assistant Professor of Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law, beginning July 2009; Ph.D candidate, the Court's role in the international legal order. By helping to

Marcelina Valderama Office Assistant, Manila, Philippines Europe The debate about the Court’s legal aid system continues, and the Coalition will for the International Criminal Court has been campaigning for Camer-

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University, Programme Director, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. These remarks are based on the former UN Assistant Secretary-General Ralph Zacklin claimed that the ad hoc “The efficiency of the International Criminal Court should not be measured by the number of

Assistant United States Attorneys in this District. sophisticated caseload combines the excitement of an urban criminal court with the demanding legal work of a major law firm. International Airport around the time of the millennium.