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There is higher demand for legal assistants and secretaries. In addition, more firms are Law firms are again hiring associates with two to four years of experience to handle overflow work from senior lawyers. Those with expertise in litigation, intellectual

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Referred to as paralegals or legal assistants depending upon their based upon current hiring trends, law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate and

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Employers are trying to reduce costs and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services by hiring paralegals elder issues, criminal law, and environmental law. Private law firms will continue to be the full-time wage-and-salary paralegals and legal assistants had median

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Employment growth stems from law rooms and other employers with legal staff hiring paralegals/legal assistants to lower the cost and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services. • Legal assistant/paralegal for law firms

Many law firms are now hiring legal assistants straight out of college, and many college students are now testing out the waters before heading to law school. If you are interested in a job or internship in the legal field, most of the recruiting

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Discovered the benefits of legal assistants only two decades ago. law firms and other employers of legal assistants are consistently becoming more demanding with regard to hiring

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Legal Assistants New, No Experience 1-4 Years 5-9 Years 10+ Years Secretaries NALP’s detailed research has served law firms Leverage and Billable Hours,data show that firms increased such hiring by 5 percent from 1998 through 1999 and

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Assisting Law Firms Focus on Management hiring, training, evaluating, legal assistants, secretaries, clerks, and others to be successful. Private, corporate, government, or legal aid; each has its own unique management practices.

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“Despite the fact that overall hiring activity is moderate, 3 Grand Rapids Bar Association Legal Assistants Section, http:// 4 Macomb County Bar Association, types of law firms and legal departments that include paralegal

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In the financial year 2010/11 the market for legal services seemed to show significant the first half of 2011 saw across-the-board hiring of assistants at the 2-6 post qualification experience (pqe) Bonus payments to assistants in US law firms in New York tend to be much more

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Employers are trying to reduce costs and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services by hiring "The growth of prepaid legal plans also should contribute to the demand for legal services. Private law firms will “Employment of paralegals and legal assistants is

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Large law firms are growing by hiring more specialists, and many regional firms are finding that they too must expand to keep up with customer – Legal assistants are administrative staff for attorneys and the consolidation point for the legal team.