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The Procurement Group Internal Audit & Risk Management …
Head of Legal Services will advise on the partnership options available to ensure 50 Directorate Assistant director Service area Contract manager name (BCC) Contract manager internal tel no Contract number (if any)

Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive …
Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive – People Page 1 of 3. LEGAL AND DEMOCRATIC SERVICES Legal Services 28.02.2013 5100429920 500.00 Revenue PERSONAL PAYMENT Page 3 of 3. Title: ACEP_Amended_Expenditure_Report_pdf.xls Author:

Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive …
ACE PEOPLE Legal Services 02.05.2013 5100446008 235.00 Revenue PERSONAL PAYMENT ACE PEOPLE Agency Staff 02.05.2013 5100444531 2,340.00 Revenue CARLISLE MANAGED SOLUTIONS Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive – People 1.

Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive …
Central Bedfordshire Council Assistant Chief Executive – People LEGAL AND DEMOCRATIC SERVICES Agency Staff 29.01.2013 5100420283 975.36 Revenue CARLISLE MANAGED SOLUTIONS AD PEOPLE Professional Services – Other 31.01.2013 5100425485 3,877.50 Revenue GREEN PARK

Section 23 Agreement Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Police …
Legal title to all equipment and premises operated or used by the Consortium shall remain with the respective Consortium Members. Manager, reporting to the Assistant Director (Resources), Bedfordshire. 17. SHARING OF COSTS/SAVINGS .

Central Bedfordshire Council
Central Bedfordshire Council. Head of Legal Services, From: Please arrange to have the attached contract sealed (2 Copies) under Contract Procedure 19. £60,000 – £139,893 (EU Threshold) Assistant Director. Above £139,893 Director. Title: Central Bedfordshire Council Author:
6 Bedfordshire Allocation Panel (BAP) 7 Commencing care proceedings . 8 Emergency action. 9 Discharge applications . 10 Secure accommodation applications. 11 Section 7 and 37 reports. 12 Permanency Planning. Solicitor / Barrister / Legal Assistant)

To recruit, select and train constables to the post of detective, thus enabling Bedfordshire Meet legal requirements. Assistant Director (People Services) Step Two NPIA Examination Authority

NHS Bedfordshire And NHS Luton Community Services Divestment
Assistant Director of Public Engagement Estates Workstream Lead Deputy Director of Finance Peter Cooper IT Programme Lead for Luton & Bedfordshire Anand Nuckchedee Legal Workstream Lead Operations Director/Associate Director of Governance

For Publication Bedfordshire And Luton Combined Fire …
For Publication Bedfordshire and Luton Combined Fire Authority Human Resources Policy and Challenge Group 18 August 2010 Item No. 10 _____ REPORT AUTHOR: ASSISTANT CHIEF FIRE OFFICER SUBJECT: ROSPA QSA AUDIT OF (tick ): LEGAL FINANCIAL HUMAN RESOURCES EQUALITY IMPACT