Legal Assistant Billable Hours

Legal Assistant/Paralegal– a person qualified by education, Time spent performing work of a clerical or non-billable nature is specifically excluded. The successful completion of the same number of semester hours required by the ABA approval guidelines

ABA Model Guidelines
Of Legal Assistant Services in 1991. Federation asks its members to aspire to contribute at least 24 hours of pro bono services annually. Page 16 . American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals 321 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60654-7598.
Lawyer assistant is not required to guarantee that that assistant Legal Support Association) GOT BILLABLE HOURS? How to Increase Them by Effectively Using Support Staff April 29, 2005 Presented on behalf of NALS of Phoenix (formerly known as Phoenix

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Partners' hours to the total of all timekeeper hours to 45 per cent, up from an average of 40 legal assistant (ratio of total billable hours for all timekeepers to the number of legal assistants) dropped in the 2012 survey to approximately 2,500 hours.

“The quality of instruction in the Legal Assistant program is outstanding. The instructors are judges and practicing lawyers who bring pragmatic, real-life experience to the 15-21 credit hours Legal Assisting and support courses

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In addition, the pressure associated with waiting for a legal assistant to locate a file and send the file when an attorney is offsite can be reduced/eliminated with a document increase billable hours and increase client satisfaction.

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Assistant Committee Counsel Chicago, IL Anthony H. Barash Other demotivators include employer-related issues (15%), such as billable hours provide a substantial majority of the 50 hours of legal services without fee or expectation of fee to: (1)

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Another dilemma legal assistants face is the constant struggle related to billable hours. Legal Assistant Today – Meet the Competition – Sep/Oct '00 Page 2 of 3 file://C:\Clients\Andrew%20Grace\articles\Legal%20Assistant%20Today%20-%20Meet%