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Civil Litigation I
Civil court system and litigation procedures in the State of Florida and the Federal courts and will help prepare the legal assistant to assist the attorney with civil trial duties up to the appeal level. List and briefly explain six causes of action in civil cases. (4.04)

The Evolution Of Paralegal Education
Briefly describe your law practice. Small town/large city? Types of clients? Work in own office/home/shared space? Multiple offices? The Legal Assistant’s Practical Guide to Professional Responsibility by Art Garwin and Kathleen Maher

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Sheri L. Eastham, Esq. Rachael Daniels, Legal Assistant Simon J. Harwood, Esq. PERSONAL INFORMATION Today’s Date: Full Legal Name: Briefly describe the nature and type of case you have: Has another attorney been notified previously regarding this matter? If so

legal assistant was a truly extraordinary effort, it would be impermissible for the inquiring attorney to pay a bonus to his legal assistant calculated in the manner the inquiring attorney has proposed. However, the number of hours

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BRIEFLY (1 – 3 sentences) DESCRIBE THE POSITION’S ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING AND MAJOR FUNCTIONS. the incumbent (Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Legal Services) exercises independent judgment in resolving complex administrative policy problems of a legal nature, with statewide impact.

Legal And Ethical Issues In Medical Practice, Including HIPAA
Legal Concepts Perform within legal and ethical boundaries Prepare and maintain medical records Document accurately the medical assistant can disclose information and when it must be kept confidential. The incidents that doctors are

Briefly Our Firm Wimberly Lawson Seale Wright & Daves, PLLC is a full service labor, instructor in the Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program at Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tennessee, and an adjunct instructor in the

Why Join SNAP (Sierra Nevada Association Of Paralegals)?
As a legal assistant, whose attorney-employer attests that such person is qualified as a legal assistant Please briefly describe how, as a Sustaining Member you will be involved in the promotion of the legal assistant

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Chat briefly with the receptionist af-ter identifying yourself and then sit down. If the receptionist prolongs the chat, that is okay. your legal assistant how he or she prefers to communicate: by e-mail, in person, or by other means.

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Briefly describe the process used to determine the priority legal needs of the legal assistant at no cost and would provide them a work area in which to draft the pleading. The pleading could then be faxed to the attorney for review.