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Death of a Relative or Business Associate Assistant Service Assistant Service (v) Legal Assistance Abroad Assistant Service Assistant Service Theft of Money and Credit Cards & Travellers Cheques (R500 Excess) R 2,000 R 2,000 R 3,000

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Out of Town Business Trips .. _____ Parking Fees and Tolls ($) .. _____ Practice Development Gifts & Greeting Cards.. _____ Lexus/Nexus & other On-Line Charges_____ Library & Research Costs

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Additionally, Rule 7.6 Professional Cards of Legal Assistant/Paralegal — a person qualified by education, training, or work experience who is soliciting legal business on behalf of an attorney, setting a legal fee, accepting a case,

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Michigan Legal Assistant ContentsContents By Kelly A. LaGrave, CLAS, Education Chairperson and exchange business cards. I admit. It takes a little skill—and a little guts—to make this happen. First of all there is overcoming the fear of talking to strangers.

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Customary business records such as “time cards, invoices, receipts, pay stubs or billing logs.” USMC email to IPG, Nov. 18, 2008. legal assistant’s work on the protest after July 2008 is not supported by the supplied

Law Firms Yellow Book Selects Count Job Function Count
Legal Assistant, Paralegal 65 Legal Assistant, Paralegal Support Services Manager 99. Librarian, Information Services 896 Business 3585 Franchising 97 International Business 100 Small Business 15 Chemicals 72 City Planning, Development, Zoning 127 Civil Rights 126

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- Business Cards. Clothing – General Rule: It’s a personal expense flag level deputies, assistant division cdrs, and chiefs of staff POC for Legal Issues on Government Purchase Cards: Last modified by: kim.evans Created Date: 6/24/2003 1:56:00 PM

Submit both fingerprint cards with your physician assistant license application. DO NOT For other forms of “legal union” not recognized by California, CANCELED PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT LICENSE . Business and Professions Code Section 3526 states,

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Qualifications of a Legal Assistant maintain business cards with his or her name along with the firm, provided the card contains the word “paralegal” to clearly convey that the assistant is not a lawyer. See Advisory Opinion No. 21.
A legal assistant must perform careful, high-quality work in everything he or she does. Legal assistants in many states may have business cards, and some states allow for a legal assistant’s name to be on law office letterhead,

Administrative assistant
Filing and records of legal/contractual documents for Partners and others (furniture, business cards, drinks) Maintenance of the facilities Maintenance of parking spaces across the company • Reception Welcome and reception of visitors Administrative assistant

California Regulates Paralegals
Included as synonymous with paralegal are the titles "legal assistant," attorney assistant, and " freelance," signs and the like. Business cards must have the name of the employing law firm or a statement that the paralegal is employed or retained by a lawyer. If either of these provisions is