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The Legal Office Assistant series is further distinguished from the Legal Secretary series in that the latter performs the full range of assigned duties requiring a greater degree of independence and secretarial skills,

Clark College Paralegal Program Paralegal And Legal Assistant
Degree Works..12 5. Graduation A legal assistant may perform any function delegated and closely supervised by an attorney, including but not limited to the following:

PARALEGAL (Legal Assistant)—A.A.S. DEGREE Official Degree
2013–2014 PARALEGAL (Legal Assistant)—A.A.S. DEGREE Official Degree Plan . McLENNAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE . I plan to receive the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) Degree in PARALEGAL (Legal Assistant).

Degree: Associate In Applied Science Major: LEGAL ASSISTANT
Degree: Associate in Applied Science Major: LEGAL ASSISTANT/PARALEGAL (LEG3) Credit Requirements: 67 semester credit hours The Paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association and a member of the American Association

1 LEGAL ASSISTANT STUDIES PROGRAM REVIEW 2002­2003 A. Introduction The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Assistant Studies is a degree offered within the Political Science department.

LEGAL ASSISTANT Associate Of Applied Science Degree
107 Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Certificates SAN JUAN COLLEGE l CATALOG 2012-2013 SAN JUAN COLLEGE l CATALOG 2012-2013 Continued on next page

Legal assistant’ and ‘paralegal’ are synonymous terms according to California Business & Professions Code Legal Assisting Degree The Legal Assisting degree is a two year A.A. degree. The program includes general education requirements

Associate Of Applied Science Degree In Paralegal Studies
A legal assistant will have a basic understanding of the general processes of American law, and will have the knowledge and proficiency to awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies. ADMISSION/COURSE PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS:

Odessa College Degree Plan
Odessa College Education Plan Associate in Applied Science Legal Assistant Revised: April 12, 2012 . LEVEL I – Students enrolled Level I Certificate programs are TSI Waived (college entrance exams are NOT required)

Education Plan For Legal Assistant Degree (067) 2012-2013
Education Plan for Legal Assistant Degree (067) 2012-2013 F:\Educational Plans\Legal Assistant (067) 2012-2013.doc J. Gordon 2013 Course Code Course Title Credits Prerequisites Semester Grade

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BUS 222 Legal and Social Environment 3 ____ of Business BUS 235 Business Correspondence 3 ____ CIS 108 Introductory Security Awareness 3 ____ MAT 113 The Administrative Assistant AAS Degree Program (00BUS0009) is the parent program to:

Legal Assistant (Paralegal) (AAS Non Transfer Degree)
Legal Assistant (Paralegal)* (AAS Non-transfer Degree) Law, Public Safety, or Security Career Cluster . SAN JUAN COLLEGE. NATURE OF WORK. Paralegals assume a range of tasks in the nation’s

Paralegal/Legal Assistant (LA), Associate Of Science Degree
77 Paralegal/Legal Assistant (LA), Associate of Science Degree This program is designed for students who wish to seek immediate employment in the legal or