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450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Position Vacancy Announcements
STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION 450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Position Vacancy Announcements Positions are located in Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; and throughout California

Archdiocese Of Galveston-Houston Secretariat For Catholic …
Assistant Principal John Paul II Catholic School in Houston, legal issues in nonpublic schools, supervision of personnel, assessment, finance or budgeting procedures and computer proficiency). and is located in Houston,

STATE AGENCY JOB VACANCY NOTICE POSTING NUMBER: 22013-063 (AMENDED) POSTING DATE: 8 March 2013 10CLOSING DATE: April 2013 TITLE: Administrative Assistant III (Command Administrative Assistant)
Legal Intern Assistant City Attorney I Assistant City Attorney II Assistant City Attorney III Senior Assistant City Attorney I CITY OF HOUSTON CIVILIAN PAY STRUCTURE BIWEEKLY IN DOLLARS PAY GRADE 2ND Q MIDPOINT 4th Q NEW STRUCTURE EFFECTIVE JULY 10, 2010

AOC TRIAL COURT SUPPORT STAFF Job Descriptions & Salary …
AOC – LEGAL RESEARCH ASSISTANT (PARALEGAL) Characteristics of Work The duties of the paralegal include conducting research for opinions, reviewing briefs, preparing legal documents and performing other duties related to the assignment. This position

Land/Royalty Assistant
Land/Royalty Assistant Ad Hoc Legal has been retained to recruit a Land/Royalty assistant for a Houston based exploration company. The primary responsibility is to administrate the Interest Owner

Feds Accuse Salt Lake City Law Firm Of Helping Undocumented …
The scheme also "led to untold number of U.S. citizens and legal workers being refused jobs or discouraged from applying at all," said Paul Maldonado, a former consulate visa assistant. David Littlefield, Houston. Gomez-Alvarez,

Legal Aid In Texas 2001
Janice Cappiello, Assistant to the Associate Director Nan Cramer, Legal assistance and access to legal and administrative forums Fair resolution of critical legal problems affecting food, shelter, jobs, education, health care and personal safety side and east side Houston disaster

How Can I Learn More About The legal Job Options For Lawyers …
legal assistant manager marketing manager paralegal/legal assistant personnel director professional development training officer Houston, TX 77004 713-313-7114 Texas Tech University School of Law 1802 Hartford Lubbock, TX 79409 806-742-3985