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(702) 651-5866 Three Campuses to Serve You PART OF THE PARALEGAL TEAM Paralegals are listed among the fastest growing occupations nationwide. Studying to become a paralegal or legal assistant is

LEGAL DOCUMENT ASSISTANT APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS The following steps must be met in order to complete the registration process: 1.Complete and sign the application form. 2. Provide supporting documentation as requested on the application form.

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Labor Statistics, recognizes that it is no longer common for a person to become a paralegal 1 Legal Assistant Today/Winter 1985 2 Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7-208; California Business and Professions Code§§ 6400-6401.6; 2005 IL S.B. 335,

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Should you be a faculty research assistant? A law professor explains why you should work as a research assistant, You'll become good friends with the reference librarians at your school. The legal obstacle in the case was the Feres Doctrine,

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Medical Assistants are not licensed in Florida; however, a medical assistant may become certified through the American Association of Medical Assistants, 800-228-2262. assistant adhere to ethical and legal standards of professional practice, recognize and

Judicial Assistant Series This position is part of a series that includes a number of levels. Employees are appointed to the Types some legal documents from handwritten drafts. Composes correspondence for the Judge™s review and signature.

Will be able to sit for the NALA certification test to become a Certified Paralegal if prerequisites are met.(see restrictions below). as a legal assistant under the supervision of a member of the Bar. NALA Certification Eligibility Requirements.

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Other factors entered into the development of the legal assistant field, including the growing volume of work due to increased public awareness of legal remedies. The terms legal assistant and paralegal are used interchangeably, much like the terms

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To become a paralegal. UC San Diego’s Paralegal Program features a curriculum that combines practical skills with legal theory and analysis. Classes are taught by Certified Legal Assistant Exam Preparation and Review LAW-40042 3

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Legal Assistant? Historically, the terms “paralegal” and “legal assistantbecome the preferred term across the United States to identify highly trained, highly skilled legal support staff that engage in substantive legal work.

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A legal assistant may perform any function delegated and closely supervised by an attorney, including but not limited to the following: At Financial Aid, you will become acquainted with the FAFSA (Federal Aid form), grants, student

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Who have become indispensable members of the legal services delivery team. n FOOTNOTES ABA Comm on Ethics & Prof’l Responsibility, Op 316 (1967).1. 2. follows: “A legal assistant or paralegal is a person qualified by education, training