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Hearings with an attorney just as a law clerk or legal assistant might. Indeed, law clerks, summer associates and about-to-be admittees can be viewed as being the functional equivalent of a legal assistant, and thus

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Indeed, as early as the thirteenth century, the London Ordinance of 1280 prohibited lawyer conflicts of interest.4 Seven centuries later, the Utilization of Legal Assistant Services ("Model Guidelines") to provide guidance to lawyers in

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Indeed, the U.S. Department of Labor notes that the employment of paralegals is “projected to grow 22 perhaps as a legal assistant, who are looking to gain an academic credential so that they may advance at their jobs. Because most paralegal

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Time and effort expended in planning and executing these events has indeed been worthwhile and appreciated. On behalf of the Council, along with myself, Legal Assistant Profession (9/99ŠSpeakers: Vicki Voisin, Ruth Stevens and Jennifer CotØ)

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1 Job Description: Administrative Assistant Department: Administration Location: Boulder, CO FLSA: Non-exempt Reports To: Vice President, Administration

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Is a credentialed paralegal/legal assistant. Indeed, “paralegal” and “legal assistant” are synonymous professional titles with specific, well-defined parameters requiring that the work done be substan-tive, rather than clerical, in nature.

Should You Be A Faculty Research assistant? A Law Professor …
Should you be a faculty research assistant? A law professor explains why you should work as a research assistant, how to get indeed, almost any kind of legal employment. If you're a faculty research assistant, you can get a great letter of recommendation from the professor. But be careful

These figures may indeed be conservative considering that there is little agreement as to who is a paralegal and what constitutes a legal assistant because there are no set A legal assistant shall exercise care in using independent pro-

LEGAL DOCUMENT ASSISTANT APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS The following steps must be met in order to complete the registration process: 1.Complete and sign the application form. 2. Provide supporting documentation as requested on the application form.