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Consumer Information On Gainful Employment
Consumer Information on Gainful Employment Legal Assisting Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) Code: 22.0301 Award Level: 01 Legal Administrative Assistant (MSC Certificate Number: 1222-11B) Program Length: 1818 Hours (61 weeks)

File Organization And Maintenance
• Create a new matter information sheet (filled out by the attorney or legal assistant) to place within the file. legal assistant or secretary doing the work. • Files should be checked in and out using a check-out card, log, or entry in the case

ABA Model Guidelines
legal assistant and paralegals are often used interchangeably. 2 While necessarily mentioning paralegal conduct, lawyers are the intended audience of these Guidelines. The Guidelines, therefore, are addressed to lawyer conduct and not directly to the

Consumer Information On Gainful Employment
Consumer Information on Gainful Employment Legal Assistant/Paralegal Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) Code: 22.0302 Location: Phoenix College (PC) – Phoenix, Arizona

LEGAL SECRETARY – SOM – State Of Michigan
LEGAL SECRETARY JOB DESCRIPTION and providing information and direction to others. The work requires knowledge of legal, secretarial, office practices. There are four classifications in this job. Position Code Title – Legal Secretary-E Legal Secretary 7

A Legal Assistant’s Guide To Legal Applications Of …
A Legal Assistant’s Guide to Legal Applications of Geospatial Information Page 2 Crowsey Incorporated 434-985-9171

Medical Administrative Assistant – Clarion University Of …
Medical Administrative Assistant Detailed Course Information Explain the role of the medical administrative assistant History of medicine, medicine and the law, medical medical, legal, accreditation and regulatory requirements of the electronic

Recruitment Information Pack – Guide For Applicants
The Legal Assistant will assist with the research and development of advice and guidance relating to complex areas of law, including Charity, Land & Property, Trustee, Company and Probate. They will also be responsible for the creation and maintenance of legal databases.

Job Description: Legal Executive Assistant (Confidential)
Legal Executive Assistant 1 SACRAMENTO COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION CLASSIFICATION TITLE: Legal Executive Assistant (Confidential) DEFINITION

Federal Gainful Employment Program Information Legal
Federal Gainful Employment Program Information 2011‐2012 Legal Administrative Assistant/Secretary Click on the links for more information on jobs related to this program:

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Attend this free one-hour session to get all the information I highly endorse the Legal Assistant training program at Elmira College. The program is well thought out and will provide the local legal community with very knowledgeable entry-level