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The titles paralegal and legal assistant are synonymous. There is a trend, there is a danger that they will ask the student questions that call for legal advice. What to do when ending the interview. Ask the client to sign necessary forms.

LEGAL ASSISTANT PROGRAM COMPETENCY STATEMENT PLA-2114 Legal Writing B. Develop a checklist for the interview. C. Discuss what questions to ask. D. Explain how to ask the questions. E. Exercise proficiency in conducting the interview.

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Interview Questions EXECUTIVE SECRETARY QUESTIONS NOT TO ASK TO AVOID LEGAL PROBLEMS Play it safe, and avoid asking the questions below — which have been known to raise discriminatory eyebrows — during your hiring interviews.

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Interviewers should not ask any questions about religion. please speak to Assistant Dean Kelly Voight or another counselor in CDO. \Brochures\General\inappropriate interview questions (May 2013) Author: kjv2 Created Date:

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Then, during the interview process, your lists of questions for your new boss, the CEO, changed in the legal organization? And what keeps them awake at night? Ask for questions. There

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Melvin A. McClintock, Assistant Director of Human Resources/AA/EEO Officer about questions you might ask during an interview. Checking references legal hiring practices. When interviewing candidates

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• Do not ask questions: Interviewers during an internal interviews gauge your interest in the job through the questions you put them. • Do not ask about money: Never end an interview asking what the pay will be. In case you need to ask,

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Interview questions developed by Talley Sjonberg, Karen Pederson, Amy Hewitt, Sherri Larson (Institute • Ask candidates to describe situations they have faced and how they handled them. (Situation, Behavior, Outcome)

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Interview for a Receptionist Position Good Interview (Interview 3) Interviewer: my supervisor and ask for help and she would assign someone as a backup. with any questions I may have about policy and procedures.

SAMPLE AUDIT INTERVIEW INTRODUCTIONS AND QUESTIONS To illustrate how interviews can aid auditors in gathering information Some of the questions I am required to ask are very sensitive. As I told you when we scheduled this interview, it should take approxi-

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Caregivers to you for interview. You are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and managing your Try to ask open-ended questions which require more than a “yes” or “no” answer and which give Nurse Assistant (CNA) Personal care,

Appendix 8 Sample Interview Questions to Ask a Judge or Law Clerk 28 Appendix 9 Former Law Clerks among Our Law Faculty 29 Court), first employed a legal assistant. In the 1930s, the institution of law clerking became