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ACLCO Executive Assistant . North. Susan Campbell (CLW) Peterborough Community Legal Centre Toronto. Danny Rampersaud (Office Manager) West Scarborough Community Legal Services. Ivana Petricone (Executive Director) Ontario Legal Aid Other titles:

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Peterborough Chapter TM Colleagues and Friends, Legal Centre, HR Professional, and Resource amongst 28 Chapters throughout Ontario. HRPA and the equivalent body in Quebec are the only Canadian provincial HR associations that function

Assistant Professor, School of Health Policy and Management, York University Room 411, Peterborough, Ontario (June 2005) Daly T. Comparing Health Care Systems: Canada & Sweden, in Session I: Legal, Political and Policy Issues: Globalization, Health Care Settings and Public Policy, Health

Greetings from CMHA, Ontario Lorne Zon 3. Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting (June 17 allocated to the City of Peterborough. tem, provides support throughout the legal process,

Tobacco Legal Case Dr Peterborough County-City Health Unit – Letter to the Assistant Deputy Minister requesting the MOHLTC to purchase cessation products in order to help people achieve cessation. Toronto Public Health

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Peterborough (Ontario) K9J 8M5 David Balsillie, was an Assistant Deputy Minister with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and had responsibilities for Forest Policy, Research, Technology information fulfills other legal and

English, History Peterborough, ON. Joint Major 2007. COMPENTENCIES AND SKILLS. Areas Legal Conveyancer Assistant. Joeann Ellis Conveyancing, Lindsay, ON 2005 Ontario Scholars, Millennium Award,

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Elise Noriega – Project Assistant . Carrie Wakeford – Project Writer . Brigid Hayes – Project Evaluator . and legal standards are Peterborough and Renfrew Counties in Ontario.

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At Ontario’s 24 public colleges because of the previously worked as a legal assistant. “I love centre at Fleming College in Peterborough: Second Career. Through Second Career, he is now enrolled in Flem-ing’s Culinary