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Administrative Assistant to Superintendent for Personnel . organization in a legal matter, grievance procedures and negotiations or to refrain from any such activity. – 3 – Constitution of the State of New Jersey,

Toms River, New Jersey, August 4, 2011
Toms River, New Jersey, August 4, 2011 Board Secretary Saxton, Assistant Superintendents McKenna, Hauenstein, Business Administrator Bill Doering, Board Debra McKenna Based Upon Legal Review and Determination Regarding Of Inclusion

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New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association Nothing contained in this document should be construed as legal advice. at top of salary guide, where by order of the Commissioner of Education teacher

Leanne D’Angelo, Legal Assistant Mary Anne Wright, Support Staff Michele Curcio, Legal Assistant income people in northwestern New Jersey. no salary increases since 2008;

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A progressive central New Jersey Urban K-12 District that offers a competitive salary and Benefit \r · REQUIRED CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECK AND PROOF OF US CITIZENSHIP \r OR LEGAL RESIDENT ALIEN STATUS\r \rMinimum Starting Salary:

Surgical Assistant Practice
Surgical Assistant Practice New York, California, Washington, Connecticut, and New Jersey have prohibitions on the practice of surgical assistants (i.e. unlicensed individuals). Our Legal Counsel has informed me that the attached case

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Division of Pupil Personnel Services and/or the Assistant 1. Hold a New Jersey administrative certificate in accordance with the requirements of 2. Salary or hourly wage, benefits, and leave time as negotiated. 3.

Employment Contract: 2007-2008
This annual salary will be paid in equal installments in accordance with the Board’s regular payroll schedule Under New Jersey Law RIGHT TO LEGAL COUNSEL: The Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Curriculum/Instruction & Professional Development acknowledges that she

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Montclair, New Jersey . JOB DESCRIPTION . Position Title: ASSISTANT SCHOOL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR 1. salary and benefits as determined by the Board . Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Board’s policy on

State Board Of Education Decision
For the amicus curiae New Jersey School Boards Association, Amy M. Fankhauser, Esq. duties of assistant superintendent during that period). damages is usually the employee™s salary for the remainder of the employment period.fl