Legal Assistant Seneca

Title IIIB Legal Assistance Program
Title IIIB Legal Assistance Program Activity Report for Legal Services Developer Katie Mulford, Administrative Assistant Iowa Department on Aging 510 E. 12th Street, Suite 2 Des Moines, Iowa 50319 (515) 725-3333 (515) 725-3300-fax 15- Seneca Area Agency on Aging 28

This Issue: IN PERSON: Baxter Kerr,
Her Early Childhood Educator program at Seneca College on October 26. • Legal Assistant Shirley Blanco has a new niece, born August 11. • Lawyer Courtney Mulqueen and her family, including her three young children,

Seneca Seller Wins Stay Of New U.S. Law On Tobacco
Seneca Smokeshop, a 10-year-old business, employs 17 people and sells cigarettes in 46 Assistant U.S. Attorneys Richard D. Kaufman and Mary Fleming asked Arcara to hold "This product my client is selling is a legal product, and that should count for something."

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors convened under the rules 298. From Ruben Barrales, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, The White House, a letter Legal Fees budget.

Be forwarded to Seneca students. Total Cost Estimates: Fees $7,027.76 Books and Supplies $2,210.00 NOTE Earn your Law Clerk diploma and be prepared for a career as a law clerk or legal assistant in a wide range of law office environments.

Survey Of June 2002 Baccalaureate Recipients
Legal Assistant 30,000 Plastagni, Holstedt & Amick 95814 E-commerce Representation** Sharper Image 94111 30,000 Teacher** 38,000 Seneca Center 94122 32,000 State of California 95814 Newspaper Photographer* 24,000 The Palm Beach Post

City of Seneca 1 . CITY OF SENECA . SOUTH CAROLINA . CITY COUNCIL . Mrs. Barbara L. Dyar, Administrative Assistant . Mr. John Bolton, Planning Intern . Mr. Chris Knopf, ARTICLE I LEGAL AUTHORITY AND STATUS . ARTICLE II SHORT TITLE .

Sullivan University’s Career Service Is Fee-Free For Life
Seneca HS, KY Recruiter Dollar General Home Office Goodlettsville, TN Dan MillerH North Hardin HS, KY Legal Assistant Richard Breen Attorney Louisville, KY Mark WilliamsH Castle HS, IN Desktop Technician Jewish Hospital Louisville, KY P.J. Fischer