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Staff Interview & Typing Test
Why receptionist/secretary/paralegal/legal assistant/associate? What are your plans for the future? Law School Leave town Typing test Letter to _____about _____ Please type this letter and make any corrections necessary. You have as

Clerical Skills Test
From a legal standpoint, if a test is to be used for selection or promotion purposes, it is important that users of the test take the necessary steps to establish a clear connection between the job tasks and the occupational environments measured by the test.

Legal Office Assistant
Legal Office Assistant placement test score indicating readiness for ENGL& 101, is required. PROGR AM DVISORS of C (2.0) or completion of a three-minute typing test (20 words per minute with no more than one error per minute.)

The typing test will consist of a test of accuracy and speed at a minimum acceptable rate of 35 words per minute. A legal assistant helps an attorney prepare legal documents and performs clerical and administrative support tasks.

Information Handout For Hillsborough County Civil Service …
NOTE: Taking and passing a typing and/or data entry performance test may be required before taking any of these multiple-choice written examinations. Hillsborough County Civil Service Board Test Preparation Information!!Please Read Before Testing!!

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