Legal Assistant Vs. Paralegal

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY LEGAL ASSISTANT PROGRAM SYLLABUS LAP2507 Substantive Law: TORTS Course: Substantive Law – Torts (Course # LAP2507) 3 ABA Approved CEUs upon successful completion of course

Billing Paralegals Revisited
paralegal fees at market rates ha[s] long been allowed by the courts.” However, a client for services of a law clerk or legal assistant, provided an itemized billing separately identifies those services.”) (emphasis in original).

Land, Poverty And Legal Assistance – Rural Development
Legal Assistant Programme for Land Hussainara khatoon Vs State of Bihar. Legal services under the Act are effective only in limited Jurisdiction and Legal Aid & Paralegal Services Clinics: LAPL is strengthening

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Auto mechanic, and legal assistant/paralegal. Because community colleges are tasked with multiple missions to serve broad public needs, it is difficult to compete with the proprietary institutions in the specialized programs on which they focus their efforts.

Created paralegal and legal assistant positions does not change the non-exempt character of the work performed or the fact that the paralegals in the class were similarly situated.” (Id. 6.) Furthermore, Plaintiffs point out, the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”)

legal assistant and paralegal for over twenty-five years in the areas of family law, corporate transactions, Federal and State Receiverships and Bankruptcy. Ms Mikels has significant experience in complex civil litigation in both state and federal courts.

In some small firms, a legal assistant may run the firm’s timekeeping and billing system Paralegal Associations National association for legal assistants; contains many resources for legal assistants New Jersey State Bar

State Definitions Of The Practice Of Law
Definition of Paralegal/Legal Assistant. A “legal assistant/paralegal” is a person qualified by education and training who performs substantive legal work, which requires a sufficient knowledge and expertise of legal concepts and procedures, who is supervised

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assistant, legal secretary and paralegal since 1994 (prior to her attendance at law school). State vs. Van Fleet (Driving Under the Influence) County Court, Seminole County Florida – Judgment of Acquittal- Granted

PD Capital Defense Team Earns Client Life Recommendation
Paralegal Sue Chamberlain, Paralegal Susy Murrhee, APD Todd Niemczyk, APD Deb Billard, Investigator Holly Ayers, Legal Assistant Lynn Rees, Legal Assistant Nola Choquette) Jacksonville, FL (March 8, 2011): A Capital Defense team in the Fourth Judicial Circuit

Legal Assistant Vs Paralegal

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Some Toronto Career Colleges offer programs in Legal Assistant, Law Clerk of Paralegal.. They are: Herzing College (416-599-6996), Trios . College (905-814-7212) and the Canadian Business College.(416-925-9929) Universities Ryerson University (416-979-5035)

The Paralegal Professional
Paralegal or legal assistant programs that want to be ABA approved must have at least the following number of semester hours, which includes general education and legal specialty courses: A) 18. B) 45. C)* 60. D) 90. 9. The NFPA’s certification exam is known as: A)* PACE.

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Labeled ‘paralegal,’ ‘legal assistant,’ or ‘legal execu-tive,’ these courses do not provide formal qualifi- legal advice vs. legal assistance, and routine vs. nonroutine tasks. The degreetowhichpara-lawyershaveinthepast,andare today, providing legal services varies along these

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legal assistant/paralegal program listed above. I further attest that said applicant is of professional and honest character. Date: Signature: Name of Program Director or Instructor (please print) June 2010 5 Section IV: Patron Membership

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The distinction between a legal assistant and a paralegal, let alone a paralegal with a bachelor’s vs. a paralegal with a certificate. Having years of experience on the job is usually more valuable than the bachelor’s. I believe in working your

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2009, according to the just-released Paralegal Today (formerly Legal Assistant Today) 18th exempt vs. nonexempt status, employment outlook and more. Paralegal Today’s Salary Survey is e-mailed to a random sampling of paralegal subscribers

LEGAL SECRETARY – SOM – State Of Michigan
LEGAL SECRETARY JOB DESCRIPTION Employees in this job coordinate office activities for Attorneys or Administrative Law Examiners, performing a variety of legal secretarial duties such as scheduling hearings,

ABA Model Guideline 2 for the Utilization of Legal Assistant [Paralegal] Services also is relevant to permissible lawyer work assignments to paralegals. Guideline 2. Provided the lawyer maintains responsibility for the work product, a lawyer may delegate to a

TURNING A LEGAL DEPARTMENT INTO A LAW FIRM Prepared and Presented by: David M. Feldman City Attorney December 8, 2010 City Attorney Goals for Legal Department Turn Legal Department into self sufficient Law Firm Increase quality, responsiveness and efficiency of Legal Department Produce quality

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(Note: In some states, the paralegal and legal assistant titles are limited to those who work under attorney supervision.) 1.17. Three sources of controversy over independent contractors who sell their services to the public without attorney supervision:

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Substantive legal assistant courses is equivalent to the one year experience. 3. A high school diploma or equivalent plus seven (7) years' experience as a legal assistant certification, attorneys and paralegal educators.

Paralegal Section of Detroit Metro Bar Association • Eastern Michigan University Legal Assistant Program Legal Assistant section of the State Bar of Michigan, Paralegal Section of the Detroit Metro Bar Association