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The presenter is Donna Gerson, a nationally recognized career consultant and the author of numerous books and articles on legal career issues. Gerson worked as a director of law school career services for the University of Pittsburgh, served as a judicial clerk, and

719 DECONSTRUCTION’S LEGAL CAREER Jack M. Balkin* Deconstruction began as a series of techniques invented by Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man, and others to analyze literary and philosophical

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2 Legal Job Search Sites – The American Bar Association Career Resource Center provides centralized access to ABA career information, as well as daily tips on finding jobs and

Career Guide to the Legal Profession 27 7.5 State Law Advisor 7.5.1 Introduction A State Law Advisor provides cost-effective and efficient legal services to the government. 7.5.2 Nature of work The mission of the Office of the Chief State Law Advisor is to:

Career Development: A Two-Way Street
Career Development: A Two-Way Street According to management guru Tom Peters, a professional’s career today can mean as many as 10 jobs, in five companies or firms, in three industries.

The State Of The Legal Profession: Key Trends That May Affect …
The State of the Legal Profession: Key Trends that May Affect Your Career . By Charles A. Volkert, Esq. Charles A. Volkert is executive director of Robert Half Legal, a leading staffing service

CAREER GUIDE FOR LEGAL ASSISTANT SOC Code: 23-2011 Pay Band(s): 4 (Salary Structure) Standard Occupational Description: Assist lawyers by researching legal precedent,

Alabama Provides Fertile Ground For Growing ABA Leaders
The Alabama Lawyer 61 cially helpful as the legal community copes with the challenges presented by America’s economic downturn and new threats to the rule of law abroad.

Landing a quasi-legal job with a technology company was a dream come true, and his career is now thriving. Another young attorney was asked to leave her firm and was told by her supervising attorney that she should consider alternatives to the practice of law. Legal Career Management

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Federal Reports maintains the Legal Career Center. This site contains an extensive current healthcare news and hot topics articles. There is a members-only career center and a page of resources with archived articles, surveys, and lists.