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My legal career in China? Will the firm fully use my legal background from both China and overseas? What does my career look like? Linklaters can address these questions for you by offering you a fantastic long-term opportunity now.

Graduate Training Schemes In China & HK – Loughborough University
Graduate Training Schemes in China & HK your career. They can take many formats depending on the employer. Usually graduates experience many aspects of both the role and the organisation as a whole. These Law and Legal Services

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CHINA’S LEGAL LION by pamela kruger portrait by joan lebold cohen It is one of the iconic images of the 20th century: President charge.” (Joan’s career, teaching and writing about contemporary Chinese art, was flourishing, too.

LEGAL Education In UK – British Council
Other subject before deciding on a career in law. in London. Yongmei, who had already studied law in China, completed her LL.B. in two years at Cardiff, legal services, and the attraction of law as a career seems undiminished. Title:

Mainland China. Legal professionals with experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), general commercial law, employment career progression, management responsibilities, overseas and internal training, work-life balance options, team building

Hong Kong Law Careers Guide
A Legal Career in China information on pursuing a legal career in Hong Kong, especially on qualifying as a solicitor in Hong Kong. Moreover, this guide is prepared by Australian students for Australian students.

On Becoming A Lawyer Margaret K. Lewis, Associate Professor …
When I was a 1L, I did not know how my interest in China would meld with my legal career. But, over time, I put those pieces together in a non-traditional way, and I love what I do. As you are all aware, the legal profession is in a period of transition.

Legal Education In China: A Great Leap Forward Of Professionalism
China’s legal education in the 1990s had a more rapid development (See Table 1, Table 2), China has been building up a career judge system based on the European continental tradition. But there are also some very different features as well.

Paradigms In The Cultivation Of China’s Future Legal Elite …
China’s legal profession both before and after the Cultural Revolution did away with the protections of the formal legal system. career plans; will students from the countryside, for example, return home to work or seek employment in an urban area?

VLP Welcomes Intellectual Property Attorney Enshan Hong
Mr. Hong began his legal career with China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), a Fortune 500 company, where his practice focused on intellectual property management, patent prosecution, patent validity, infringement,