Legal Career Objectives

Legal Resumes & Cover Letters For Alumnae/i
Career Services Office Legal Resumes & Cover Letters for Alumnae/i There is no single way to set up a resume. Of the many acceptable resume formats, you will need to You can better address your objectives in a cover letter or at an interview.

COLLEGE OF DUPAGE . Paralegal Studies Program . Statement of Goals and Objectives . Program Goal: To educate and prepare students to become career paralegals who, under the

HGTC Paralegal Program Objectives
HGTC Paralegal Program Objectives 1. community, thus providing meaningful career opportunities for paralegal students in both the computer assisted legal research skills necessary for successful employment as a paralegal. 4.

Sample Resume Objective Statements (Information Derived From …
(Information derived from PSU Career Services and IST Career Solutions) • Understanding IT Legal and Ethical Issues • Interface Design (with specific methodologies such as keystroke-level model)

Why Your Legal Resume Doesn’t Need An Objective
Why Your Legal Resume Doesn’t Need an Objective made when writing objectives: too general and too selfish. Too General Inform the potential employer what your career goal is and/or what specific position you seek

Resumes For New Paralegals
Some examples of career objectives are: To secure an entry-level position as a paralegal in a real estate law firm, or To secure a position in a law firm that can use a legal professional with outstanding research and writing skills. Education.

I. Purpose and Objectives Career Services office offers workshops on interviewing and job-seeking skills. of the legal services delivery team in the office where you worked? 7. How would you evaluate the supervising attorney?

Course Objectives (Con’t). Legal
Years as a career firefighter with the Providence Fire Department, where he authored two books, Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services Course Objectives (Con’t).

Judicial Externship Objectives. a) Students learn legal process from the unique point of view of a sitting Please return to: Career Services Office, MSU College of Law, 301 Law College Bldg., East Lansing, MI, 48824. Or fax to: 517-432-6831 . 12.

Internship Goals & Responsibilities Sample
Goals/Objectives: (List here your own professional goals for this internship. Be specific and list reachable objectives. You may also list how you will measure your accomplishments

The Legal Resume: An Overview
Remember that the legal profession is typically very conservative. Career objectives and plans are more effective in your cover letter. Also remember, never use “first person” tense on your resume. What Do I list first: Education or Experience?

INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES All employees should have 3-5 individual objectives. Individual objectives should be relevant to your position at Creighton.

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Section 2: Career Interests and Objectives: At least two career fields you are interested in (select from pull-down menu) Your objective for doing the internship (see next page for examples) [A summary of your internship aspirations, what you expect from the