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Lawyers, bar admission candidates, articling students, and law graduates, as well as legal education and law/bar society officials participated in surveys, focus groups, and other kinds of 2.7 Non-Legal Careers That Use Law as a Background

General Law careers questions Page 7 INITIAL LEGAL TRAINING • Conversion courses • Legal Practice Course Some places offer LLB or Masters courses for non-law graduates, should I consider this as an alternative to the CPE/GDL?

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Career Planning – Why Now? 1st Year Law Darren Johnson Careers Adviser Why Now? Certain sectors very competitive increase your chances of success – vacation/open day opportunities even in 1st year Career Planning A Process – Needs Time To raise awareness of opportunities including help from

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Landing a Non-Traditional Legal Job. Federal Reports, 1995. Part I: Suggestions for Change and Part career opportunities for law graduates. Careers in Financial Services. NALP, NALP, An alternative career opportunities for law graduates

Variety of employment opportunities available to law school graduates. While this section describes several practice settings for attorneys, Non-Traditional Legal Careers A law degree is highly valued and is the ticket to any number of successful career paths, both

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There are a wide variety of opportunities available for law graduates as legal academics public service and non government service sectors. 2. THE LEGAL PROFESSION following careers available in the legal profession: the attorneys' profession, the

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Educational & Non-Profit law school graduates can be found in all of the following posts: E d u c a t i o n & N o n-P r o f i t O r g a n i z a t i o n s C o r p o r a t i o n s P o l i t i c a l F i e l d Alternative Legal Careers: What else can you do with your J.D.? These examples

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Lawyer Who Blew up His Desk and Other Tales of Legal Madness Life After Law: Second Careers for Lawyers and Mid-Life Law Graduates: Distinctive Patterns Road Not Taken, The: A Practical Guide to Exploring Non-Legal Starting Salaries: What New Law Graduates Earn Starting Salaries