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Alternative Careers for Lawyers: A legal education is very broad and allows for employment in not only a traditional career, such as private practice, but also in non-traditional careers. Examples of non-traditional legal careers include

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Alternative Career Paths for Lawyers law school graduates pursued alternative careers outside the practice of law. In 2006, Once you decide to pursue a non-legal career, you will probably need to consider and address the following:

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Alternative Careers Alternative Careers For Lawyers JD Preferred!: Legal Career Alternatives, Career Opportunities in Ethic JD Preferred: A Practical Guide to Exploring Non-Legal Starting Salaries: What New Law Graduates Earn Starting Salaries: What New Law Graduates Earn – Class of 2000

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Non-Legal Careers for Lawyers , 3rd Ed. (available in the Resources Library) Author Gary Munneke and William Henslee Published American Bar Association, 1994 The Road Not Taken: A Practical Guide to Exploring Non-Legal Career Options

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The armed services recruit attorneys each year for a variety of legal careers, both with the JAG Corp lawyers. non-legal positions at the state level. Positions vary from state to state,

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Other careers for which lawyers may get hired, and no one-size-fits-all formula. It overwhelms many to hear that, as most professionals want a ready-made list of from many of the non-legal jobs. Or maybe you still like practicing law but it

Fifty Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers KF 320 .L4 F87 2008 (Check-out copy) COLLEGE OF DUPAGE LIBRARY COLLEGE & CAREER INFORMATION CENTER PARALEGAL CAREER CAREERS . MP 7/26/2012 A Guide to a Successful Career as a Paralegal or Legal Staff Member CCIC

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Services and legal discussions forms. Lawyers Weekly Jobs Leading source job site for legal employment opportunities with over 1,500 legal job listings. for searching capabilities of legal and non-legal careers.

Lawyers who work in the private sector can be found in numerous settings, the most common of Non-Traditional Legal Careers A law degree is highly valued and is the ticket to any number of successful career paths, both legal and non-legal.

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Legal Training for Non-Lawyers Helen Gamble Professor of Law and Acting Dean Faculty of Law appropriate for their intended careers. A wider legal education is not encouraged for these students because of difficulties involved in combining it with the subject

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This study traces the legal careers of Jewish and non-Jewish And I find that in building legal careers, the Jewish lawyers in this study have derived both professional advantages and disadvantages through social capital, leading to a

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Lawyers, although they can get a bad name, Non-Profit Organization, Business, Private Practice Job Title Related Environmental Careers The legal field is rather diverse but if you are interested in combining law and the environment,