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Career Choices with Law – Where else can I use my law degree without qualifying as a lawyer? careers websites and in the graduate press. working on legal and non-legal activities.

Non-Traditional Legal Careers A law degree is highly valued and is the ticket to any number of successful career paths, both legal and non-legal. Today, there are countless opportunities for attorneys to use the skills they

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Breaking Away from the Norm—Nontraditional and NonLegal Careers IT’S HOW ATTORNEYS GET JOBS continued on back work, a law degree helps him or her draft clear, effective legislation. A non-legal job, on the other hand,

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In addition to the many different types of law, there are also many nontraditional legal careers for which a law degree can be useful. This can include working for a non-profit organization or a non-governmental organization, an advocacy group, a community legal clinic or work in the

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What to do with a Law Degree Traditional Legal Careers Approximately 91% of law school graduates who secure employment after graduation obtain a

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As you will see below a law degree and legal expertise can be applied to a number of different careers. This is a non-exhaustive list of possible alternative careers and training opportunities for law graduates. 1. Qualified

Of legal careers. Your degree in political science can equip you with much of the kinds of knowledge outlined above. Thus many new law school graduates have been taking non-traditional jobs for attorneys in business or government,

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Having a law degree can open a lot of doors and enhance your general marketability. A law degree can bring the following skills to non-legal jobs: Enhanced analytical skills Some examples of JD Strongly preferred careers: legal publishing

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Intention of necessarily practicing law forever. doors will be open slightly more to them than to others without such a degree. Non-legal jobs are indeed out there for the J.D. to take. While legal work can be quite lucrative, we sample of what we’ve done for the careers of countless

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Careers Service. Getting into law as a non-law student . Many lawyers do not have a first degree in law. enquiring if they offer special rates for legal study. Law degree Non-Law degree Conversion Solicitor Vacation work in firms Training contract . LPC Assistant Qualified