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Job Description: Legal Executive Assistant (Confidential)
Legal Executive Assistant 1 SACRAMENTO COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION CLASSIFICATION TITLE: Legal Executive Assistant (Confidential) DEFINITION Under general direction, provides high-level legal administrative support for the General Counsel and Associate

The Paralegal Studies Program At Northern Virginia Community …
Each semester, some courses are offered online, some are offered in a traditional classroom setting, Students are required to take Introduction to Law and the Legal Assistant first because it is a prerequisite to the other courses and provides an overview of the paralegal profession.

LEGAL ASSISTING (Paralegal Studies) Associate In Science …
Functions as a legal assistant (paralegal). Legal Assistants may be responsible for interviewing, investigation, research, document preparation, and other tasks. They equivalent to legal specialty courses offered at Broward College.

Clark College Paralegal Program Paralegal And Legal Assistant
A legal assistant may perform any function delegated and closely supervised by an attorney, including but not limited to the following: too many courses. For example: when taking Legal Research PRLE 103, choose other classes that are not as demanding. 4.

Paralegal Education Position Paper11
A legal assistant/paralegal is a person who is qualified through education, training or work which include online courses, but place a limit on the number of legal specialty courses which can be taken in this format.

As a legal assistant under the supervision of a member of the Bar. NALA Certification Eligibility Requirements. of substantive legal assistant courses will be considered equivalent to one year's experience as a legal assistant. 3.

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Take the following six online courses to earn your Legal Assistant certificate. Courses must be taken in order. (See course listings online for details). LEGAL Become a Successful Paralegal or Legal Assistant with Continuing Education!

Paralegal, legal assistant, Courses may be taken in any order at the start of each class term. However, we recommend students take classes in the order in which they are listed below. Each course runs for seven weeks each.

Attorney Assistant Certificate Program Elective Courses
Elective Courses Descriptions Family Law – PLSI 477K – 3qtr. units: will introduce the legal assistant to all aspects of the case, from initial client interview, investigation, and all aspects of the pre-litigation file,

Emphasize legal assistant skills, forms, documents, procedures, and legal principles and theories, and No more than 2 legal specialty courses may be taken in an online format, including those courses taken at NECC and other institutions.

courses are offered in a blended format, which is a combination of on-line and traditional classroom learning. An internship is an important experiential component of this training, and each student Legal Assistant Keyser, Maloney & Winner, LLP.