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In her 2002 book, Paralegal Career Guide, she presents four areas of Starting Your Career on the Right Foot: Tips for Choosing Your Field Now that you’ve completed your training, you may have given a lot of thought to the area of law

FOR YOUR CAREER AS A PARALEGAL? Join the National Federation of Paralegal Associations – Your partner in your profession We encourage members to get involved at all levels. find tips from other successful paralegals describing how they

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Or paralegal, and tips on how to begin your career. I n br I ef. your Program overview Volume I Law—Its Origin, Nature and Development & Contracts Volume II Torts • nature of Law that the paralegal student is likely to encounter, plus the phonetic

PARALEGAL CAREER SYMPOSIUM WHEN: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 9:00AM – 10:30AM WHERE: DFW Marriott Hotel and Golf Club -Tips for the Most Productive Job Searches Recruiting Facilitator: Ann Dunkin, Attorney Resource, Fort Worth

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These tips to focus on your careerand you’ll get results. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your job right now? What would make it a 10? How can you get there? More Paralegal Articles available at The Paralegal Mentor Blog.

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Tips for Evaluating Job Candidates By Charles Volkert, Esq. Your firm has decided to hire additional legal support professionals to round out its current team, and it’s your job as senior

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See your paralegal studies professors for tips on writing resumes and cover letters. 2) Create/refine your resume. 3) Create/refine generic 1. Chere Estrin, Paralegal Career Guide (2002). 2. Angela Schneeman, Paralegal Careers (2000). Paralegal Job Searches 1.

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Paralegal Career – 5 Tips To Determine If It's Right For You Scott Knutson is an entrepreneur and writer. If watching TV shows like Law and Order or old Ally McBeal re-runs has you thinking you would love a career as a legal assistant,

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LET THE PARALEGAL CAREER STARTER Tips for Launching Your Career • Evaluate your skill level. • Build your career portfolio. • Locate law-related volunteer. work to help you acquire relevant training and paralegal skills. • Plan your interview strategies.