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A Message From Dean Larry Kramer
Annual programs. Please join us as Stanford Law School continues to inspire, innovate, and lead. “ Legal education has changed little over the past century. joint degree programs, leveraging the resources of the entire university to offer students

PhD In Sociology And Master In Public Policy (PhD/MPP)
Philosophy and ethics, and law, some of which will have been acquired as part of the first year analysis for students enrolled in professional and doctoral degree programs at Stanford University. It gives these graduate students the benefits of a rigorous interdisciplinary course of

Interdisciplinary MA degree programs and five joint MA/JD degree programs. These With the Stanford Law School, ICA offers joint JD/ MA degree options. The joint JD/MA program is intended o t supplement the strengths of the Sanft ord

Stanford Center For Professional Development
Stanford Center for Professional Development Page 2 Honors Cooperative Program Interested applicants may learn more about specific graduate degree programs and application children of the employee; parents and parents-in-law; parent surrogate; brothers and sisters of the employee;

Stanford Law School Research Assistant Job Description
Stanford Law School Research Assistant while others have attended law school at programs such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, and UC Berkeley. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, mathematics,

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL Recent decisions have limited the degree to which iii Law School Facts, Stanford Law School, iv Entering Class Profile, Columbia Law School,

Stanford Bulletin
• For Law degree programs, see the School of Law web site ( Consistent with its obligations under the law, Stanford prohibits unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex,

Stanford University JD/MBA Joint Degree Handbook September 21 …
Stanford University JD/MBA Joint Degree Handbook Once JD/MBA students begin the second degree component, i.e., Law or Business, of the program, they will have two open programs (called “careers” in Axess) Programs and Activities: