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Graduate Employment In 2014
Starting your legal career with : AGS means working with some of Australia’s foremost legal minds on matters of national significance. AGS’s lawyers are involved in : approximately 40 specialised areas of law directly related to the work of

Starting And Maintaining A Quality Internship Program
Starting and Maintaining A Quality Internship Program • LEGAL ISSUES – Page 8 • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – PAGE 9 career-field (represented by your organization) that have not been previously listed in this evaluation?

A proper understanding of the economic cost of a legal education is vital for starting salaries for Many lawyers receive intrinsic benefits from a satisfying career that cannot easily be quantified. It does mean,

Down To Brass Tacks – Applying For Legal Jobs Cover Letters
Having grown up in Suffolk County, I look forward to starting my legal career in New York this summer.” Step 2: Tell them why you want to work for them . This should be an easy task for you if you have followed our suggestions up to this point.

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• Learn the legal implications of hiring interns. Just like other • Contact Career Services to advertise your internship (; Employer Guide -Steps for Starting and Managing an Internship Program

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STARTING YOUR OWN PRACTICE PROS v. CONS By Susan Johnston I. Introduction Licensed to practice law? Then you can do it. legal bill. 6. You hire. 6. You fire. Being the boss, you get to decide who you want as coworkers. Believe it or not,

CAREERS IN PUBLIC INTEREST LAW – School Of Law | University …
Legal services organizations provide direct legal services to indigent individuals and families in civil matters, The managing attorney and staff of a local legal services office offered the following advice about starting and succeeding in a career in public interest law:

Pre Law Advisement Guide
Legal Career Resources .. 24. Introduction This guide has been prepared for those considering the legal profession, for The range in starting salaries alone can exceed $100,000. And, the need to pay back law school loans can affect the career choices of a new

Careers For Law Graduates Outside The Legal Profession
Other career options 19 Postgraduate career areas outside and beyond the legal profession. It can only offer a brief overview of these and you should consult If you are planning to take some time out before starting a professional course,