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Teaching Assistants
In primary schools, teaching assistants are increasingly being used at the expense of providing more basic support to teachers, teachers with additional difficulties in monitoring the work of teaching assistants and schools with pedagogical and legal considerations,

A Guide To Teaching Lawyering Skills
Chapter 7 • Using Teaching Assistants in the Legal-Writing Course 151 A. The Roles of Teaching Assistants 151 1.Assisting in Class Preparation and Teaching 152 viii CONTENTS 00 atlas fmt cx6 7/13/12 2:33 PM Page viii. a.Class Preparation 152

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Teaching Assistants will be aware of all risk assessments and health protocols that affect the pupils they work with. 4. legal responsibilities in relation to issues such as Child Protection and Health and Safety. 6.

COP Teaching Academic Support Postgraduate Teaching Assistants
That Postgraduate Teaching Assistants and undergraduates have relevant knowledge of the discipline and the subjects to be covered, a strong command of English (or the relevant language if undertaking activities in a foreign

Training Teaching Assistants By Modeling Teaching Techniques
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teaching the basics of legal writing to students outside of the law school curriculum. This projects for teaching assistants; (6) Find out what your T.A. really thinks about you – and how to use that information

While Legal Assistants within the Commonwealth are all located within the Hearing and Legal and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others. LICENSURE, REGISTRATION, OR CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS

Ployment of upper-level law students as teaching assistants in the first-year legal research and writing.., course."4 As one professor observed, "[we] couldn't do it without the TAs." 5 But the efficient use of teaching assistants is not, in our ex- perience