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| 1 | IT PAYS TO KNOW ABOUT WAGE AND HOUR LAW We keep reading about employers forking over tons of money for violations of wage and hour law, and you don’t

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Exempt status (not paying OT) is most frequent Wage & Hour Law violation We are now required to make sure all of our supervisors know the legal requirements. Arial Wingdings 1_Proposal Proposal Proposal Acrobat Document Wage & Hour Compliance Why the Training?

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training employees, setting employees’ rates of pay and work schedules, directing the work of 6 29 C.F.R. § 541.100. Microsoft Word – Federal Wage And Hour Law And Recent Developments In Employee Misclassification.doc Author: rwalling

Wage & Hour
Wage and hour claims are today’s single greatest employment law risk. With wage and hour litigation continuing to explode, ELT’s Wage and hour training is compelling evidence of good faith efforts to comply with the law.

Wage & Hour Act
Wage & Hour Act (Minimum Wage) An employer shall not pay the training wage rate if the hours of any other employee are reduced or law of this state, which are more favorable to employees than those applicable to such employees

California Wage & Hour Law: An Overview
California Wage & Hour Law: An Overview 1. Minimum Wage Minors and some individuals in training positions can be paid less than the minimum wage, within limits. Even employees who are paid by the piece or on commission

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Standards Act (wage and hour law), Family Medical Leave Act, defamation, and other legal concerns for employers. In addition to general counsel and representation in litigation, Ms. Frank also provides trainingTraining • Traveling • Breaks

U.S. Department Of Labor Wage and Hour Division
Wage and Hour Division If you would like more information call Normally time spent in training and doing repair work should be employee protections; employers must comply with both. Overtime: The law requires that normally you be paid 11/2 times your regular rate of pay for all hours