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University of Waterloo (Sociology, Option in Legal Studies and Criminology), J.D. (University of Western Ontario), LL.M. (University of Western school and the Legal Studies Program. I recently took the LSAT in June 2011 and

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Sociology and Legal Studies 3.11.1. transferring into the Independent Studies degree program who are in excellent standing and who Waterloo, a BES degree in Geography has been offered, as well as the BA, starting in 1970, with the

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Waterloo University (Kitchner – Waterloo) • Interdisciplinary Program (Legal Studies & Criminology) BA & Honours University of Windsor • Department of Sociology & Anthropology (Criminology) BA (Major & Honours) in Criminology

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History; Legal Studies; Liberal Studies (General program only); Medieval Studies; Music; Peace & Conflict Studies; Philosophy; Political Science «; to the start of their studies at Waterloo have not been in an English-language school system, they

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AURINI, Janice, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology & Legal Studies, from July 1,2007 to June 30, 2010 to July 1,2007 to June 30, 2011. Small Business Internship Program Waterloo's success as a delivery agent for this Industry Canada program was recognized by renewal

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Legal Studies Option Program Leader, Waterloo MBA Email: dhotson@wlu.ca Website: www.lauriermba.ca MY LaURiER ExpERiEnCE Having completed her undergraduate studies at Sharif University in Tehran, Iran, which is considered

Cedar Falls And Independence, IA Case Study
MITIGATION Case Studies C a s e S t u d i e s C E D A R F A L L S, I O W A Cedar Falls, More than 20,000 buildings have been cleared from the floodplain since the program was implemented in the area. In Iowa, closing and legal costs. Of the 89 families relocated, 46 found

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The successful candidate must have an active research program focussed on Women and the Law and a PhD in one of the following disciplines: sociology, criminology, law, Legal Studies, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 3G1. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply;