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Application Process: Some federal positions require that an applicant form be submitted along with a resume and cover letter. main page of the DOJ Legal Careers website at www.justice.gov/legalcareers. The actual document is at

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To describing different types of legal careers, including ones in government, academia, private practice, corporate, and legal aid. practice to take a different legal job. Some interesting results include: 22 • Higher levels of job satisfaction reduce the chance that lawyers will leave firms

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Managing Attorney for Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. Some of the fields you will explore for many alternative careers, you may quickly discover that the compensation is much less you would earn in a legal career, and that you will need to

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careers in sectors as diverse as politics, international finance, sports, diplomacy, health, the media and environmental protection. Recognising this, Law Some Legal Aid Commissions also offer Practical Legal Training. Academia

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Legal Practice Areas This guide briefly and generally describes some of the most common practice areas in the traditional practice of law. It is designed to give you an overview of what an

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How to Get a Job in Legal Academia . professors — and in particular professors early in their careers — spend the majority Some of those programs will also provide a graduate degree in law. vi. Additional Graduate Work:

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Some of the agencies that will be recruiting in the fall are the Department . The armed services recruit attorneys each year for a variety of legal careers, both with the services and as civilian counsel. Each branch has a Judge Advocate General (JAG) to

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• Find Law www.careers.findlaw.com does search for summer jobs but there may be none listed in a particular state or practice area. • There are some websites that list legal jobs that require payment of a fee to use the site.