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a legal administrator, or a legal assistant. This course of study is not as rigorous as law school, What Can You Do with a College Degree in Paralegal Studies? A Career as a Paralegal Being a paralegal can be exciting, fast-paced, and stressful.

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Few medical-legal topics have generated as much discussion as the subject of medical record documentation. Liability insurers, defense attorneys, A nurse or medical assistant can use this template to easily document important

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Legal Assistant? Historically, the terms “paralegal” and “legal assistant” have been used interchangeably. The term “legal assistant” is now being used to refer to positions outside the paralegal definition, including legal

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That each person involved can initial his or her part of the process. • Store the closed files separately from the open files. legal assistant or secretary doing the work. • Files should be checked in and out using a check-out card, log, or entry in the case

(Prepared by the OSMA Legal Services Group) of medical bills is unlikely to be a major problem for most physicians because the great majority of patients can and will pay their bills properly. the medical assistant should be careful not to do the following: 1.

Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects Appropriate to Nursing Assistants Identify the four “do’s” of proper documentation. 5. successful career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). All of the information about the patient

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What do paralegals/legal assistants do? The concept of paralegals began to develop in the late 1960s when law firms and author and sign correspondence provided the legal assistant status is clearly

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Definition ¾ Colorado Lawyer, Vol. 14, No. 9, Pg. 1599 Definition of Legal AssistantLegal assistants (also known as paralegals) are a distinguishable group of