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The St. Petersburg College Paralegal/Legal Assisting Program features a curriculum that combines practical skills with As you begin your college career, Fourth, if the interviewer(s) is particularly interested and would like to examine your portfolio more closely, offer to leave it if

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Information and career tips, ask questions and seek advice from our team country. Heck, we like to think of it as a full blown movement. For us, it is a hope will perpetuate positive began working as a paralegal for the same firm.

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NFPA Career Resources August 2011 How to Increase Your Career Security the term “career security” may sound like an oxymoron. Many jobs, after all, no longer come with the expectation of lifelong – or even longā€term – employment.

At press time, it looks like some of the offerings may include: • Estate Planning (start 4/10/08) • Criminal Law & Procedure (start 3/ 31/08) • Real Property paralegal career? According to Hildebrandt Inter-national, a private consulting

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Senior paralegal, with RLI in Peoria, received her bachelor’s new career path. Still, Hight admitted she was skeptical and wondered if she could do it. Higgins, ICC para- Everyday is like a puzzle . . . you’re presented a

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The appropriate person is a career paralegal who is a qualified, experienced, well trained, These figures make clear that excessive paralegal turnover is extremely costly; like associate turnover, it will significantly limit a law firm’s profitability.

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I used to love the library as a kid, so spending time in law libraries seems like a natural progression for I don't know about you, but one of the tasks I am frequently called on to perform in my paralegal career is cite checking legal briefs.

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like such an outsider – I was in a new city – I knew no one. But that was one of the reasons I was there. I was new to Oklahoma, and continuing my career as a paralegal in Oklahoma City. I had received my paralegal

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Ellen is a very busy paralegal. Ellen began her legal career by volunteering with the Children’s Law Center, currently Council for Children’s Rights. She If you would like a Paralegal Panel to come to your school, please express your interest

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Organisation like the Institute of Paralegals can be useful if you plan on being a career paralegal. This offers both a career paralegal. Level 7 single unit courses are also offered for different areas of law. For further information

Career changers looking for a professional career with strong about the paralegal profession, its career possibilities, financial have questions or would like assistance with an academic plan. extension.ucdavis.edu/paralegal.

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Like Bowman, you too may want to make some career changes. This requires some due diligence and the ability to make decisions about what you want. To focus on "Paralegal Career Guide," Second Edition, by Chere B. Estrin gives a compre-

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Career Center | Search paralegal job postings statewide. Center for Practice Management | Get all kinds of advice and service with a smile. national companies like Office Depot, FedEx, Bank of America and Meeting Bridge.